Sunday, October 2, 2011

Quilt Show Saturday

  Hello there friends, what a weekend it has been. Aislynn and I went out on Fri. night while Aften went out on a date. Then on Sat. Aislynn went off to a ladies retreat to help lead worship for the weekend. Aften and I got up so that we would be ready when her friend and her son came by to leave some stuff for me to work on for her wedding in Dec. Then we headed out for breakfast and off to the quilt show.  Then we did some shopping at the hardware store, and off to the grocery store. We were having a party so we needed food. Then home to get the rest of the house clean and start cooking. This was a kind of small party since we didn't decide to have it until Sat. Lots of people already had plans and others had plans all day and were just too tired. We had good food and it was fun, even though it was a small party.
I am not sure which guild it was that put this Quilt show on, but it was fairly small. I almost felt like they had more vendors than they did quilts. Any way I took some pictures of the ones I really liked. I admit some of them were in the vendor booths. Does that mean I plan to try and duplicate them? No, I may want to, but lets face it, even if I did, when would I have time to do all this designing. Because that would be the case, I would have to draft the blocks so I could size them . I must admit if I was going to go to all that much work, I would not want it to be from someone else design. I am not posting any of the ones from shops here, seems like that might be the wrong thing to do.
Here are some of the quilts I loved the most. I am not sure if you will notice, but the ribbons on the ones with awards are attached with tiny mini quilts, that are amazing.  

 Isn't that an amazing chili pepper, and of course the Yellow Rose of Texas is pretty amazing as well.
This last one is a Breast Cancer quilt. I just love these red high heels, and I wish I had thought about this one. I don't know if I would have ever gotten them made, but wow, they look so pretty.
Well, I am off for this time and will try to get back on soon. Until then have a very quilty week.

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Rae said...

I had a pair of red high heels almost that exact shape back in 1982!

I am in awe of all you quilters, so much luscious prettiness, it is a joy to see it all even if only online