Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Learn to Quilt-Lesson Four (finally)

Well, if you had been signing on to learn to quilt and I lost you because I have gotten so terribly busy that I didn't get on for weeks. I would like to ask you to forgive me. I am back!!!
I am not going to ask you to purchase a large amount of fabric for this first outing. You will need about three fat quarters for this first quilt. This will not be a large quilt. If you are wondering what a fat quarter is, it is a quarter of a yard of fabric cut from the half yard and then it is only one side of the 45 inches. So it is 18x22 instead of 9x45. Make sure each fabric is a different color or a very high contrast.

Please press your fabrics and make sure they are all crisp and ready to work with. Lay them out with the long sides horizontal. _________> Using your rotary cutter and ruler cut each one into as many 2 inch strips as you can cut it into. Now sew one of each color into strips of three. Make sure all sets of three strips are in the same order. I will try to add photos in the next post and I hope you will have yours completed but then. I hope not to be so long in coming back. Good luck and please show me what you are doing.