Sunday, October 9, 2011

Friends swap

  Well, I have had a great week, for a change and thought I would share that with all of you. I told you about the swap I did with a lovely lady in the UK. She has let me know she got her box of goodies so I am free to show you what I sent her now.
 As I told you before the items sent needed to start with the letters for the word, FRIENDS . So to start with F, is fortune cookie, I made of fabric and used my machine to create the fortune of "fun is in your future"
 I am always trying to challenge myself, and I am not particularly good at paper piecing, so that is what I did. The Flamingo is a post card size paper pieced mini quilt. I actually had fun making this one, I guess I am maybe getting a little better at it. The pink ribbon you see here is a key fob. Kind of a out dated way to say key chain. My girls have all had me making them for them, so why not, make one for her.

  As it turns out I either didn't take some of the pictures I thought I did or they didn't turn out and I deleted them. I did get some of the little bag I made, though. It isn't big enough to be the sewing kit it was going to be, which would have been an S.
   Here it is closed up with the decorative tie I found in my box of decorative stuff.
I found a pattern for this and it was cute, but I thought I want to make it on my own, without their pattern. So I used my 45 degree triangle ruler and make the large and small sized then I put a backing on them so I would not need any hems. I loved the fabrics and she is using it for a jewelry case for travel and I think that is the neatest thing in the world.

The floral fabrics you see in the lower left corner are part of the fabrics I used to wrap each of the boxes, their is a matching green fabric too. The blue and white is a shall I sent her with a snowflake embroidered on the pockets.  You can also just barely see the red eyelet trim I also used as a flower for a bow on the top of one of the boxes.

I enjoyed this so much and I am so happy that my partner also enjoyed it and is enjoying the things I found to send to her.
F- fortune cookie, flamingo, frame, flash light, fob
R- riting tool ( Pen) Kind of a stretch 
I- ity-bity screwdriver
E- eyelet trim
N-notions (thread) note pads, note books
D-dress trims
I meant to add a seto fo dice, since that is one of my silly little collections, and I thought it would be good to share, but I forgot them . There are other things, but to be honest I can't remember what all there was. LOL
  Well, I hope you all have such a lovely quilty week. We have finally had rain, not just a smattering, almost 3 full inches over the weekend. Yea!!!

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Rae said...

Tenny... thank you so much for my wonderful gits - I adore them all - my flamingo has pride of place on my desk at work and gets lots of admiration!

I have blogged with lots of photos of all my lovely presents... I remembered to take pictures as I unwrapped :)