Monday, April 19, 2010

Paper Piecing

Today we are going to finally get this done.

I want to say that you can find patterns many places to find them. The one I have used I purchased years ago at a Trunk Show held at the quilt shop I enjoyed going to. They are not in business any more and I don't know if the pattern makers are still in business either. I don't even know the name of the company any more.
Pick a pattern you like choose the colors that will make it look like you want it to.
This pattern is a part of the whole, for the whole I need four copies of this pattern.
These are the supplies I use for this process.
You can also use a small rotary ruler to go with it for measuring your quarter inch seam.
I like to color my pattern to get an idea what fabrics I will use to make my quilt block stunning. With this one I made a decision and after I looked into my stash I changed my mind about one of the colors.

Now that those decisions have been made look at your pattern and notice the divisions are numbered. As you were making color and fabric decisions you choose where the fabrics will go. At this time I measure each numbered piece at its widest part and add a half inch. I cut my fabric into strips for each section so they are ready to sew in place.
When doing paper piecing you do the sewing from the back of the paper, so I choose to draw my lines on the back side so that when I do my sewing I am on the line and not guessing.
 Now place the color for number one in place and add number two face down on it making sure you have the correct seam allowance available.
I peak under to make sure I am sewing on the proper line.
 You see a pin in the photo but I do not pin on the seam lines as it can often distort such small seams. I do however pin across the fabric to hold it in place.
Now lets turn the paper over and line up your needle on the sewing line, and sew.
 Well, that is enough for today, tomorrow I will finish it all up and show you the results.

Have a wonderfully quilty day until we meet over the sewing machine again.

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