Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Am Back, I Think

  I don't want to really go into the dirt of it all, and I am not even sure what all of it is. I have been depressed for several months and I finally just got too down to talk at all. Through prayer I remembered some things that helped me to pull myself out of it last time and I am on my way back up. In the mean time I have done little or no work in the sewing room and I missed the giveaway I had planned. So if you will give me another week I think I will be able to get that ready and post pictures of it. I worked on the quilts I have to finish a couple of times last week and again today. I gotta be honest it had been so long since I picked them up I had forgotten where I was. Today I got it all out and layed it out and made some notes so that tomorrow I will be able to start sewing on it again. Yea!!!
  I have a hard time not doing anything even when I am in a blue funk, so I have been reading. I got a Kindle Fire several months ago and I hit the Amazon website looking at the list of free books pretty regular. I find they either rearrange the list often or they add and subtract stuff often. Early this month I found a mystery with the title of a quilt block. I was kind of excited and then a few days later I was on a blog I follow and she asked for our support of a fellow quilter whose book was being sold for free on Amazon. It was the same book I had just bought. It is "Wild Goose Chase" by Terri Thayer. I am not savy enough to post the link and the picture, but if you have a kindle or an kindle app check it out. I finished reading it early this morning and I enjoyed it very much. It is a murder mystery so it is a little PG, and has the suggestion of sex, but thankfully no real details.
  I am off to check out some other blogs and thinking about how to fix the problems I found this morning on the quilts. Until I get back yall have a very quilty week.