Monday, June 9, 2014

Missin Again

  Well, I have been gone for a long time and once I got home hubby and I were both sick. I spent three wonderful weeks with my daughter and her family. She gave birth to my newest grandson three days before I got there and I stayed with her as long as I could. Hubby made a trip to see his father and family in Pittsburgh, PA for a week and then came to spend a week with us at our daughters. Unfortunately he had not been there more than a day when he came down with a coughing problem . The next day I too came down with what appeared to be the same thing. Sore throat, cough and we both lost our voice. We stayed until the end of the week and we had a room reservation for the trip home so we left even though we both felt horrible. We took turns driving that day, other wise we would not have made it. We had the hardest time staying awake. Our plan had been to stop in the DFW area and spend a day or two with my aunt and uncle, but we felt so bad we thought it best to just go home.
It was a rough day, but we were so glad to be home. The day we left for home our granddaughter saw the Dr. and she told them she had strep throat. However when I saw the Dr. here at home they told me that was not what I had.  I took a round of antibiotics and five days after I finished it I felt as bad as I did the day I started them. So total we have been sick for 3 weeks. I am trying to get back to work and so is hubby, but odd times we have coughing fits still.
  I have two quilts in progress as well as pillows for my friend out of his moms clothing. I got a call from a past customer who is wanting a couple of quilts too. Needless to say I have lots to do, so I need to get my strength back.
  On the 1st I was invited to do a 30 day challenge, 30 sit ups for 30 days. I have done pretty good with it, in that I have done it every day, but my sit ups don't really look like sit ups LOL they look more like an aggressive crunch. Maybe by the end of the month they will be full sit ups.
  I am so happy to be home and feeling some what better, I hope my little student will be back this week to finish her project we started in April, and I have plans for other things she can do over the summer.
  I have pictures, but I still haven't figured out how to get them from my cloud to my computer, so until I do I won't be posting them. Something to look forward to, until next time yall have a very quilty week.