Thursday, April 16, 2015

Birthday Post

  Hi, everyone I am not enjoying my birthday so much, but I will be making the best of it any way. I will head to the sewing room after I have posted this. It has been a very busy few weeks so far. Hubby and I took a trip and visited lots of family. I spent 2 weeks with my daughter and her family, and hubby spent one of those weeks with his father and family in another state. He was there for his sisters birthday, she turned 70. I was there to see my grandsons and their mother. Our youngest grandson will be 1 in a few weeks and while I have gotten to see him a few times since he was born, I have not gotten to spend as much time with him as I did his big brother his first year. So needless to say I have felt very much like I'm missing his childhood. It was  so good to get to spend time with them all. I was going to add a great photo of the boys here, but again I am having problems adding photos to my blog. I have too many , but they are on my other Google account and I can't seem to get them to this one. I will get this figured out one day, but I just want to spend more time sewing than I do playing on the computer. LOL
   I have had a few swaps that I finished up since I last posted, and I love the quilts I made for both. I find that sometimes I love the quilts I made so much it is hard to decide to send them off. These last two were especially that way. The kitten mini I had started for myself, and it turned out even better than I had envisioned it. , I loved it , and I sent it off as scheduled even though I wanted to keep it. LOL I hope that she loves it as much as I did.
  Then there was the rainbow mini, which I sent off this week  and it turned out even better than I had thought and I loved it. She should get it soon and I sure hope she likes it. It was a little late going out, since the host asked me not to ship when I was going to. That was before my vacation, and I just put it aside and finished up other things that were a go. The day after I left home I got the go ahead to send when ready. I contacted the host and made sure she knew I had left town and it would be late before I could send. I got high on it once I finished the mountain of laundry that was necessary to finish. I loved the extras I made as much as I did the actual mini I made. I will be making myself another one soon.
  Well, I guess I need to get my fun for the day going . So yall have a very quilty day.