Sunday, September 23, 2012

Comment Security

 Well, I have been told that even though I have turned it off, I still have the hated comment word on my own blog. I am having several problems with the blog this weekend as it is. I had to change my password and it is still trying to tell me I have logged out from another location,and right now it is popping up every time the automatic save happens so I will be typing along and not typing at all .
I give up.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Do You Pineterest?

 I do, Pinterest and I have a love hate relationship with it. I love the fact that I get to have a quilt show any time of day or night that I might want to go look. I hate the time it takes away from my day and my sewing. I love that I can go there and find a tutorial in one of my pages, because I found it one someone else, and pinned it. I love that I have seen quilts that inspire me and encourage me to be a better quilter, and to learn more. I love that people I have never met and may never meet are pinning pictures or tutorials that I will love and want to go back to and read. I hate that sometimes the pin has been deleted when I go to look at it, because someone either abused it or made the poster feel like they have been taken advantage of.
  If you would like to follow me on Pinterest I am Tennye and I enjoy crafts and sewing and bags and mug rugs, so those are the things I pin most often. I have other things, I pin and sometimes they are for my grandchildren and daughters. I would pin things for my son as well, but he would never see them, so I only pin for him if I want to make it or tell him about it.
  Can I just take a minute to stand on my soap box, I won't take long I promise, but if you have a blog why do you think it is important to have the security setting on your comments? I love some of the blogs I follow and I would love to comment, but then I run up against that stupid security word. If you can call it a word at all, the type is so distorted trying to rewrite it is impossible. So frustrating, when you would really like to say something nice about a quilt or a post. Okay I am done, sorry. 
  Okay that is all I have to say about it, so until next time yall have a very quilty week.

Birthday Gift

  Well, next week my lovely daughter will turn 40, and I decided it was a big enough deal to make her a wall hanging to celebrate. This pattern is one I received from a blog I follow on her birthday. Isn't that lovely, for her to give her followers, a gift on her birthday. I know I already told this story, but it relates to today's post, so please excuse the duplication. I am kind of going out on a limb with posting this before the actual birthday and sending it to her. I may even be going out by telling her age, although I think it is silly to worry about that kind of thing, she may not. You see, I did not raise this daughter, I put her up for adoption when she was born. She found me back in 2005, and we have been getting to know each other since then. The fact that she is in my life on her 40th birthday is a big deal for me, maybe even a bigger deal for me than her. LOL I don't think she reads my blog so maybe it will be safe for me to show her gift before she gets it.

 I put it together in strips, that is how she suggested it be put together.

 Just 2 of the borders.
 I hate having to draw all those lines. LOL Below are the ribbons for the ribbon border, and I don't have a picture of it completed.
  I forgot to take pictures of all the steps, so I hope you enjoy the ones I have. When I got to some of the steps, I discovered I had made some mistakes. I can not with any certainty say the mistake was from the directions, or if they were mine alone.  I will go back through and see where I made them, for my own interest, not to complain. I just don't want to make the same ones when I make the quilt again. I know I will make one for myself some time soon. I might even make a larger one for this same daughter since she is the one who loves butterflies so much. I have only one picture of the completed top, and as you will see I have not quilted it yet either. I will post those pictures as soon as I am finished.  I hope you enjoy and until the next time yall have a very quilty week.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Austin Quilt Show

  Well, I had a wonderful weekend, my daughters took me to the Austin Quilt Guild show on Sat. and I truly had a great time. I got a couple pieces of fabric. One is the fabric called Quilt Across Texas. If you have not seen it this is a panel of the state of Texas in red white and blue with each county outlined. I love it and I have a plan for how it will be used. The daughter who purchased it for me is hoping for a quilt with this fabric as the center, and I will be doing that for her. She also bought me a lovely piece of blue batik that I will be using for water in a couple of quilts that I am working on in my head already.
  Back to the quilt show, wow there are some very lovely quilts and I saw a couple made by blog writers that I follow, that made them even more special to me. I am not a member of the guild, and probably won't be joining, but they do have some very talented quilters.   Actually the lady who taught me the most when I first decided, just wanting to learn to quilt, was not enough is a member. She really tried to get me to join back then, but I had three little ones and baby sat two others. I just didn't feel like I had the time for any more than I already had in my life. I might have learned faster and with less mistakes if I had joined, but I have enjoyed those learning times all the more since they have come over time.
  Saturday was also the last day that one of the local quilt shops will be open. I find that a very sad thing, even if I understand the reasons. I have been thinking about it a lot since I heard they were closing and I am planning to invite as many ladies as I know for a quilt and visit soon. I am hoping that if we have enough interest we can start a club of some sort with block of the month kits, or something like that. I would be happy with just a time of quilting together once or twice a month, but I think others might like the challenge of a plan. If any of you have had experience working with the fabric distributors in this fashion and have any advice, please share. I have done this before only not with kits available. I made a plan and gave directions and each of us used our own fabrics. It worked very well for a good long time, then I had to go back to work. Sadly it all fell apart after that, and we tried again a couple of times to reboot the group, but just lacked the enthusiasm needed. I have that now, if I can just get others interested.
  The quilt show had some amazing quilts, and I forgot to take my camera. I have asked my daughter to send me her photos from her phone. When I get them I will add a few of the pictures to this post. I will go ahead and post it for now and add them later, so if you are reading and there are not pictures, please come back in a day or two and check them out. Until then  yall have a very quilty week and I will be back soon.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Busy Times

  Hello to each of you, I have been busier than usual the last week or so. I am finally feeling human and not like a rock, or better yet the underside of a rock. Therefore I have been shopping, working and just generally doing things that require my getting off my bottom and out of the chair. The other day mother and I went out for a couple of errands and ended up going to one of our favorite stores for clothing. We were very happy we ended up there, and sad to see the signs on the door. They are having a big sale, a going out of business sale. We can still shop with the chain we just will have to drive a good 10 miles or so to do it. In the mean time we got some really good deals on a couple of things for me and her.
  I am trying to get some things ready for the many birthdays coming up this month and next. We are also going to kind of get an early one in for the Nov. birthday girl since she will be here for a visit in Oct. So I have lots to do. I got this great pattern for a butterfly quilt block from a lovely blogger who created it, to give away to her followers, for her birthday.  I love it in the colors she did it in and immediately thought of my oldest daughter when I saw it. She loves butterflies, and purple, so I found some great purple and black and white fabrics for it. I got it all cut out on Friday and I will post pictures once I get further along on it. I also bought some really great fabrics for the cute VW on the beach quilt I am planning to make for one of the pass it on gifts.  I got some 70's style fabrics in purple and coordinating colors for that one. Now I just need to find the fabrics for the back ground beach and road. The creative juices are flowing again and I am loving it.
  I went out with the girls on Sat. and we went to a store I had never been to before. They have a very large selection of Vera Bradley stuff (for lack of a better word). I had no idea she had put her name to so many items. I found the cutest bag I have ever seen, and it was reasonable enough price that I would have bought it, if I could have figured out what it would be used for. Now there was a time when I would have bought it just cause it was cute. Not any more, I reserve that luxury, for fabrics. I did find a purse I wanted, but find I am opposed to paying high prices for a bag, I know, I could make for half that price. I would not want to make it, and sell it for half the price, but make it for myself yes. 
  Well, I am off to see what is next on the agenda, I will try and get some pictures before I post next time. Until we meet again, yall have a very quilty week.