Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

  Well, I have not been up to posting for some time now, I am sorry for that and hope to get back to it in January. Hubby and I will be going to see our daughter and the new little one in a few days and I am still working on a commission due yesterday. Technically it was due a couple of weeks ago and with the funeral and hospital stays just prior to my dads death I got behind, by a couple of weeks. Then the second week in Dec. I came down with a horrible sinus infection that put me in bed for 5 days. Ughh! I am still dealing with the effects and just happy I can say I feel good even though my nose is still running and my head is still a little fuzzy. My sinuses hurt so bad that I broke my little toe in the middle of the night while I was at my worst and never even realized it was that bad. Still got a bruise on my toe and the top of my foot 2 weeks later. LOL
   I have a feeling that next year is going to be amazing, and my family and I will look back on this year and wonder how we could have made it through. I have big plans for lots of sewing and getting caught up on my own quilting projects. So until January yall have a very happy New year and a quilty 2013.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Life in a Few Words

  Well, you will find some of this is a recap of things you have heard before I am sorry for that but it fits. Life has kind of made me crazy the last few months. Daughter and grandson came to visit and we had a fun family vacation on the beach. We borrowed my dads truck for the trip so we could ride together and my Van was just not acting right. Just after she left we had to put daddy in the hospital, and he was there a week.  The week following daughter leaving I got sick, along with 2 of the kids, the one who came to visit and one that lives with us still. Before I got better daddy was in the hospital, and mother came down with the mess we had. We brought daddy home to her being still sick.  He came home and seemed to be doing a little better, but started sleeping 15 or more hours a day, most days. Then my husband was laid off from his job of 36 1/2 years. He has odd jobs he does so we are not hurting as bad as we could, but still our insurance is gone. This all seems like it took just a few weeks, and yet I know it was the last two months at least. Mother got better and daddy did not, so when they asked me to take him to the Dr. for his appointments I was happy to help. There were to be two appointments with two Dr.s in the same building. After we saw the first Dr. he said he was just going to admit daddy to the hospital, so we should cancel the next appointment. The hospital and medical complex are in the same building, so we went to the cafeteria for lunch while waiting for a room. Well, we waited six or seven hours for that room, and we thought it would be any minute so we just sat there in the halls of the building. We had a great visit, and even though daddy was tired and wanted to go to sleep, he was in good spirits and acting like himself. Over all it was a long hard day, but we all enjoyed the time together. He was there seven days, and while he was not responding to the treatments as we had hoped, he was in good spirits and everyone had at least one or more good visits with him. Wed. evening my girls picked mother up to go see daddy. On the way to the hospital they stopped to pickup an electric razor for him, since his had broken. Before they even got into the store mother fell and busted her glasses and was in a good deal of pain. They called EMS and she was transported to the same hospital where daddy was.  She had a CT scan and x-rays on shoulder and knee. When they released her she was groggy from pain drugs, but had no broken bones or brain injuries. I took her up to daddy's room for a visit before we took her home. I stayed with her that night , I just didn't think she should be alone with those drugs in her. She broke her glasses when she fell so I took her to get new ones Thurs. She sure had a black eye and looked a mess.  I brought daddy home Thurs. evening after super and he felt really good and had lost most of the fluid he was there to get rid of. He and mother had a good day Friday as well. Some time around Eight thirty that evening he said he felt bad and went to bed. Sat. afternoon Nov. 27th around two thirty or three he lost his battle with COPD. I was there with mother and my family who live here were there in just a few min. We had to wait four hours for the funeral home to come and pick up his body, so we sat out side in the yard while we waited. We were not able to make any arrangements until Mon., with it being a holiday week we made the plans for Wed. With most of the family here we had 33 for lunch at my cousins for Thanksgiving. We are still waiting for the death certificates, so the paper work we need to get done is on hold until we get those. They should be here Mon. the 10th of Dec.
  Needless to say sewing has been on the back burner, and then out of the blue hubby decided we needed to paint the house while he was out of work and had time. We got a good start on that this weekend. Most of the front of the house is painted, and if the weather holds I am sure we should get the back done this week or over next weekend. I will be glad to get the paper work taken care of for mother, but in the mean time I have sewing to do, that needs to be done by the tenth. So I will be working hard this week, and may not have much time to write. I miss my time with you all and look forward to getting back to a normal schedule, I realize normal may not be what it has been, I still want to get back to it. So tomorrow morning I will get up and try to get a work out in and get busy with the laundry and the sewing.
  Until next time yall have a very quilty week.