Monday, December 23, 2013

Where did the last two months go?

  Well, if you have checked in lately you will know I have been off line. I wish I could say I have gotten tuns of stuff done, but to be honest a good part of that time I was trying not to walk much and just not doing much. I did a 5K with my girls in early Nov. and for the silliest reason of all I wore the wrong shoes and came home with two huge blisters one on each foot. I a pretty sure I will lose at least one toe nail and maybe two. I have learned some great exercises for my feet and they don't hurt as often as they have most of my life. But this has been a painful time. UGH One of the blisters is gone and all the skin has come off, but still it kind of burns when I walk or stand for long. I am not letting that keep me down I got back on the road last week and actually made it four days. I'm back up to 1.16 mile and that is pretty good since I am just back four days. LOL
  I can say I finished one quilt, and have one that if I can I will finish it either Fri. or early next week. I made four so far beanie slouch hats for two of my grand daughters and I am working on another one for my daughter. We got a work bench for our new to be son in law and it came in the some assembly required form. We got that all built yesterday, and we found a pair of short bar stools for one of our daughters in someones trash. We took them all apart and repainted them and took the seat cushions off and I reupholstered them with fabric I had for her curtains in her living room . Curtains that I also got made during the time I have been off line. I also have completed mothers whole house in curtains and pillows. She got 4 lumbar pillows and I made them to match the guest bedroom and the master bedroom. I guess maybe I haven't just been sitting around after all. It just feels like it.
I have pictures on my phone, but I am having problems figuring out how to get them onto the blog. I haven't taken much time trying to figure it out lately. I did spend a few min.s last month, but not lately.
  We have started our Christmas cooking, and I really need to get more done so I guess I need to get off here. Yall have a very Merry Christmas and a quilty new year.