Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Post On Scraps and How To Control Them

Well, my last post was on scraps and wondering if any one remembers a past post of mine. I spent a good amount of time today looking for the post I was talking about, and you guessed it I didn't find it. I didn't take the time to look at every one of them, and I am sure I would find it if I did. Question is does any one have any interest in my methods  or how I use them, or am I just on my own with this one. I will start posting photos of the things I make using the pre cut fabrics. Maybe then some of you will see how efficient it is and how much help it can be to controlling your stash.
I went shopping with my mom this afternoon for things to decorate the chenille trees. She is working on them for me since I am working to get more wall hangings done. Why is it the little stuff that seems to take so little time, really ends up taking more than you think it will.
I made a"welcome" wall hanging yesterday, and I just made it up as I was going along. Problem is it turned out too long. I figured maybe 16x30 or some where around that size would be good , some how I ended up with 16x59 or 70 I am not sure, I still need to add a piece to it yet and it is too long. I think it is nice, and so have all the others who I have shown it to, but I wonder if it is too long for any one to want it. I will take that into consideration as I work on the next two that I have embroidered the letters for. I did have a lovely fabric to use at the bottom that may have been why it is too long, then again it could be I needed to put sashing in it and I need to leave it out next time.
I will add pictures later when I have them all three complete.
Have a wonderfully quilty day.


BJ in TX said...

Hi Tennye - I'd enjoy reading about how your "scrap control" methods. I mostly don't have any, so could use some help in that area.

Meant to tell you - the snowman/Joy wall hanging is very cute!

Tennye said...

BJ, thank you I will work out some posts and show you some of my projects that I have made from the precut fabrics I have. thank you for commenting.

QuiltSue said...

I can't help either as i don't "do" scrappy. I just stick ema ll in a bag and give them to a friend who does!

Micki said...

I like to do scrappy, but I don't have a big stash to do it. Good luck with yours!

joyofquilting said...

I would love to know how you keep them under control and actually get to use them. Going to learn how to make flowers from 2-3" squares on Sat as Blue Willow are giving a free class at our group