Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Photos finally

Well, I have finally gotten the photos added to the computer and I can add them to the site. I will need to go back and read to see what instructions I need to give to help you with your quilt. Hopefully after this you will be able to let your friends know about this blog and they can come here and use the lessons already posted. I am in the process of teaching this class right now at the store I work for. I teach it about once a quarter and it isn't free. The students sometimes decide to add to it and make it larger instead of a wall hanging. That is great, I love it that they want to do that. I suggest adding a second border either the same size as the one you have already or larger. If you decide you want to make it larger before you add the first border you can use three borders and make the first one a small two inch or less border. The second border would then be a three or four inch border with the final border being five or six inch border. There are other options that could also include adding a center block different from the one we have learned in this class.
Now I will add some photo's and post some directions that go along with them.

Today we are looking at the final touches of our quilt I have added a border that is one inch
larger than the first border. I mitered the corners on both borders. I have shown you a picture of the quilt as it
looked before I started quilting it. I have also shown a couple of examples of my quilting. One is a correctly quilted star and the other is a incorrectly quilted square.
I will be giving directions on mitering and machine quilting next time.