Monday, July 14, 2014

Trying to Switch Gears

  I was just going through the blogs I follow and wondering if I need to just shut this blog sown. I read only the first line of a blog and it hit me I need to talk about that. Have you had those days, weeks, or even months when you need to be doing one thing and you really want to, but you don't. It isn't even that you don't have time or desire, but for what ever reason you just don't go do it. Well, that is how my life has been for months, I know I was out of commission for 2 months and that kept me away from here. That wasn't a reason for me staying out of the sewing room, well the time I was out of town was a good reason to not be in there. Needless to say I let that time I was sick seems to have given me an excuse to just give up on the stuff I need to and want to do. My next to the youngest daughter is working on a quilt for her new nephew and she too is having a hard time getting it done. She isn't really a quilter, or even a sewist as the blogs are want to call what I call a seamstress. However she made her first nephew a quilt when he was born and now wants to make sure that her younger nephew doesn't feel left out when he grows up. I am guilty myself, I got so busy before he was born that I didn't get his quilt finished and now it just seems like its hard to get motivate.
  Well, Aften (daughter) came over on Sat. with her quilt project and asked for my help getting it moving. I spent most of the day getting a section of her quilt made and completed, so , now she can get it finished. She is frustrated with how long it is taking, and finding it hard to make herself sit down and just do the work. I think I am feeling just a little of the same frustration myself. Oh well, on I go off to get some laundry done and maybe even spend some time in the sewing room and get some blocks finished.
I tried to post some pictures of the quilts in question, but alas they have not uploaded to my dropbox, so I don't have access to them on here.
Until next time yall have a very quilty week and I hope it won't be so long before I get back.