Friday, October 28, 2011

Glasses, and Mother

 Hi there friends it has been a hard day today. I got a lot of little stuff done yesterday in the sewing room, then today happened. I got nothing done, and I can only hope I get some stuff done tomorrow. I felt like I had not rested when I woke up this morning. You know that morning when you wake up and think is it nap time yet. So I got up anyway, I called the Dr. to see if I could come in and have her fill out a form for me for out insurance, and while I was there I needed to talk to her about some health stuff. They had an opening in 20 min. So I started getting ready, and poured my self a cup of coffee for the drive. BIG mistake!!! I spilled half of that cup of coffee all over the night stand and my cell phone was in the middle of it all. I did the rapid clean up with the phone and all the other stuff, so I could leave. When I got in the car I took the phone apart and pulled the battery. Good news it was dry inside. Sadly the two jacks were full of coffee and I had to get a Kleenex and dry them out. It seems to be fine, shew, so glad.
  Well, while I was at the Dr. I got a email from my husband telling me to go get my mom and go order my new glasses. So that is exactly what I did, I called mother and told her what I was planning to do and did she want to go for a ride with me. She was up for it she almost always is. LOL
  We went to Costco and I got the glasses ordered, then mother and I shopped for a while and checked out. We headed off to our favorite chinese place. That was our mistake. When we got there everything was fine and we got out of the car to go inside. I thought" I need to give mother a hand so she doesn't fall when she steps up on the curb." I put my hand out too late and down she went. Fortunately for me a couple came out  just about the time she was ready to get up, and helped me. She was in pain and pretty sure she broke her rib. I was kind of worried about her, but she can make that proverbial mountain out of a mole hill, so tried to ignore it at first. Don't get me wrong I was concerned, but just not ready to call EMS. Besides I had not had anything to eat and it was already 1, my stomach was more concerned with getting filled than getting to the hospital. We went ahead and had lunch, and I gave her some ibuprofen. I wanted her to figure out what really hurt before we made any decisions to go crazy. LOL Just kidding! After lunch she still felt like she had a broken rib, and we were just a few blocks from her Dr.s office, so we went there instead of shopping like we had planned . Sure enough she has a cracked rib. I sure was glad her Dr.s office took her. While we were there she got a flu shot, which she had not had. So to end this long story, I left here a little before 9am and got home just after 4:40pm , long day.
  So tomorrow, I will need to cook for the parents, and if there is time I will come home and quilt. Still, I have two finishes for the week, and that is a good thing.
Until I talk to yall again, have a very quilty weekend.

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