Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I am still alive, but what a month

  Hello friends,
I find it hard to believe that I have not been able to find time to post since April 9th. We have been so busy and done so much, I have pictures to share that will maybe give you an idea of what our time has been like.
  Well, I am unable to upload any pictures tonight, I have no idea why, but I can't delete the incorrect file I uploaded to the photo posting tool, and no pictures will open either.
  We have torn down three buildings, and filled two 20 yd. dumpsters. We have filled a Cool Box which is a brand of pods that is insulated so in our Texas heat we won't destroy mothers things. We moved her boxes and furniture as much as she decided to keep into the Box. When we were down to a chair and a bed we took mother up to her sisters for the duration. They have moved the old trailer off its location, but not off the lot. They poured concrete for the foundations today. I am sure it will be a while before they are finished, but the work is finally started.
  Needless to say I have not done any sewing or crafts in a very long time. I got a message from a friend today that she needed to borrow some rubber stamps. I spent an hour or so in the craft room getting them out and sorting them. I took out all the flowers and put the others back.I got the Christmas ones all together, the critters, and the plants, then I put the others in too. So I can say I did some crafting today. LOL I will be back on to post pictures and just get back into the swing of things.
Until then yall have a very quilty day.