Monday, March 10, 2014

Howdy there Yall

   I had a little trouble getting up today, with the time change. Then I found myself wanting to just go back to sleep, but I didn't I kept trying to function as usual. Coffee was just not enough, so I had a little chocolate. That didn't help. Hubby was not supposed to be home for lunch and Aften is trying to get back to fasting one day a week. So I didn't need to have lunch ready at any special time. Aften needed to go to the post office before she came home and she called and asked if I would like to go with her to Good Will to look for a night stand for her room. Seems she is changing sides of the bed and the one on her new side is just a small table that won't cut it. LOL We didn't find any thing she liked, so came home and visited until she needed to go back to work.
  I have been wanting some toasted little pieces of french bread, and we had a short piece of it left from the weekend. I cut it up and put some olive oil on it and placed it in the toaster oven to cook while I finished heating up my lunch. I got it all heated up and took it to the living room since I was eating alone. I am really enjoying my meal and suddenly I smell a burning smell. I remember the toast, and it is too late. I run in there and smoke is coming out of the toaster oven. I turn it off and turn around to put my lunch down. When I turn back around I see flames pouring out of the oven, I guess I though turning it off would stop the cooking. WRONG!!!!! I can't think what to use to get it out and put the flames out. Finally I get my thoughts on and find a pot holder and pull it out. Flames leap higher as I give them more air. I dump it into the sink and turn it on. This did not douse the flames as I thought it would. I had to start using my hand to splash it over the flames. What a mess, but I am really awake now. Well, thanks for whoever started Day light savings time!!! Not a fan.
  Yall have a very quilty week, until I talk to you again.