Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hate to say it!!!

Well, I am so sorry to say I did not get the bags completed for the girls to take with them on their cruise and I am so sad that I let them down. I know it was not all my fault since I have been asking for over a month for her to pick colors and fabrics. She finally did a week and a half ago and I was working on the stuff for my classes at the store. So I was not able to make them right off the bat. Now I am feeling like a faliure over it. I wish I had just not ever volunteered to do the project. I will make every effort to get them complete this week while they are gone and they can have them for a gift on their return.
well, I do hope you all have had a good day, I had a as good a day as you can with every thing going on. I had a great class on learning to free motion quilting. Every one of the ladies had a good time and were glad they came so that always makes me happy. Then I had a good visit with a friend tonight who has had a rough time of it lately. Just went through a break up and she is pretty down about it. We had a good visit and sat outside and played with the kittens in her back yard. I as always feel in love with the kittens and wanted to bring them home with me. I guess if I had my way I would be the cat lady. LOL
Have a quilting week and take care of yourselves.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Items I am making

I have made some new items for the craft fair I have gotten accepted to. I have a meeting next Sun. and I have to show them the things I have to sell. I have made several new things that I created. I do love some of them although the idea for them is not all mine. I created the patterns for the ones I have made. I am feeling the pressure of getting them all made, but having so much fun.
Then there it the pressure of making the five bags for my girls and their friends to use on their cruise this weekend. They leave on Wed. night and drive to Miami to get to the ship. Aften and Brena and Justin that is the others are all flying to Florida. Anyway I have told them all I will make them tourist bags to use while they are on their trip. I have them all cut out and I have one started. I am sure they will go together quickly and with any luck I can make two or three of each. So I can put them in the fair. I planned to make them anyway so it will be good.
Aften has one of those new phones and she has set it up for me through my Google account so I can see where they are on the road. The phone has satellite GPS and it will make me feel better to be able to see where they are while they are on the road. I want one of those "COOL"(haha) phones but I can't justify the cost.Oh well, it is nice that the kids have them so I can be in touch.
Well, have a good week, I am sure I will.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Odd Week

Hello, I have been so busy this week, and still not gotten as much done as I wanted to. I have completed a new gifty idea and I will have a quilt done in a few hours. I am very close to complete, and I will then move on to the bags for the girls who are off to a cruise at the end of the month. I am so looking forward to my son-in-law coming to Texas at the end of the month too. I will be making a few trips to San Antonio to see him and I hope to bring him home for at least one weekend during the month he is in the state. I think I have a few things I need to post pictures from too so I will check it out before I complete this post. I promised them bags for being tourists. LOL Last week my daughter came in the sewing room and picked all the fabrics she thought would make the bags for all five of the girls. I will have a busy week with classes and sewing. I sure am glad my mom is out of the hospital and feeling better.
Maybe no photos today. Have a great quilting day tomorrow.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Class Updates and other things!

Well, today has been a long one and I am ready for bed but wanted to post some things that I have been wanting to for a while. My dad took my mom to the hospital last night and they put her in some time around midnight. She will be there for a few days, and if they decide to do a colonoscopy she will be there until Mon. for sure. I hate it that she is there but she might have gotten better sooner if she had just gone to the Dr. How many 24 hour viruses last 48 or 72 hours, I mean really. Sorry but it does give me a pain to think she won't take care of herself. So now she has an infection in her colon. Other wise called colonitis, which I have read on Wikipidia is very painful. She is on an antibiotic a drip and they give her phenagrin when she gets nauseous.
I had a class today BOM, and we had a good time. She made great color choices and it turned out great. I had a class a week or so ago and it was a mom and me class. I have a picture of one of my little girls. She is so cute. I also have a lovely small quilt I got from my partner and my final birthday block. so enjoy.

This is the latest bag I have made I just love it and I want to make it in some other cool colors. We will use this as a class in Oct. or Sept.

I also added the BOM I made for the store.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Finally doing it

Well, I am finally going to do some of the things I have been promising to do. I said last week I would show my sewing room.So I will do that now, but please don't judge me for the mess I am a messy quilter, or is it creator. I am not organized in a good way but I am organized in other ways, so that is what you see. I have some other thing to show as well, I will make that a different post.
Have a quilting day!!!

This is my Gracy Frame and the next picture is the wall you see when you walk in and turn right.

This is the clothset where I keep most of my stash.

This is the wall to the right of my sewing machine table.