Monday, July 27, 2009

Bound to Happen

Well, I had every intention of posting some pictures today,that I had promised last week. I got the camera out and the battery was too dead to load them. I will get those on tomorrow if I have time to post tomorrow. I have a picture of my student with her little project from our class last week. She had a good time and made a lovely coaster for her Daddy. I must say it was supposed to be a pot holder but I must have gotten the measurments wrong because it was too little. I will adjust that class to make a larger item as the pieces for that one were much too small for a beginner, especially a child. This was a parent and child class, and I think I prefer not to have a parent if the child is old enough. I would need it to be one on one though at that age. I keep saying things like you know what I am talking about I guess I need to explain. I had the class with a 6 1/2 year old little girl and her Grandmother and an 8 1/2 year old and her mother. I think the younger child could do the work with the exception of the cutting with the rotary cutter. She couldn't get the leverage to cut, because she was too short. She also seemed to lack the focus to do the whole project. I did not expect then to complete the project in class, however they both got to the point of some hand work. That was nice, to have something to take home and know it would be completed.
Well, I am off to do some work and complete some of those projects that need to be done. I have two almost complete, and hope to finish one at least tonight.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy time of Year

Wow, I have been so busy I just completed the coolest pillow case that I didn't think to take a picture of. I took a man's t-shirts and cut them up and made a pillow case out of them. I didn't use batting but sewed them to the backing so it wouldn't be loose inside the pillow case. It was fun, I just wish I had remembered to take a picture.
I am working on three things right now a quilt from the Not you Grandmothers Log Cabin book, which by the way I am loving that method of making log cabins. They are diamonds for those of you who have not seen the book. Then I have a great book on fat quarter projects that I am making a cure bag from and I am using Halloween fabrics, so it is going to be uses as a candy bag for a trick or treat. Christmas is just not that far away and I am also making the cutest little gift card bags that look like dainty evening purses. Of course I am using Christmas fabric to make them with. I am also doing another quilt that the boss loved and I can't remember the name of that pattern. I am doing a Mommy and Me learn to quilt class tomorrow and so far we have two signed little girls signed up and their mom's of course.
The new shop ( Cotton Cupboard ) is doing very well for a new quilt shop. I am excited because we already have some who are coming in often. One sweet lady today said you will actually have a day when I don't come in, I promise. We told her we didn't need a day like that she can come in every day and we will help her with everything we can. Our customers are great, and so happy to have us open in their area.
I am working on a new class for the Quilting Weekly website that I hope to have on by Aug. if they can get it up and offered by then. I should be submitting it in a week or two, to the owners. I need to get my next Birthday friends block in the mail soon too, or it will be late for her birthday. I have until Sept. 10th to get my Summer Mini Quilt in the mail to my partner, and I must admit I have not even thought about the design for that one. I need to plan some projects using my stash control fabric sizes for the next three months so I am not behind all the time on that class. I need to get the next two months of the Block of the Month ready so I am not behind on that when the time comes. Plus I still have to write up the directions to the last two I did so when someone decides to buy they will have a take home.
Well, that is my to do list and I will post pictures as I get them done, for all of you to see. Have a very quilty week.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mans Clothes Two Completed

Well, I have finally completed two of the quilts made with the mans clothes, and I will show them to you today. The first one is of course the denim one which is not too fabulous. It is made from his jeans as well as his denim shirts that were thick and in good condition.

Then we have the one made from his Dockers and shorts all of the approximate same materials, in a couple of colors of yellow, white, khaki,blue, and the brown/green dark slacks. I looked long and hard for the pattern to make it . I really think it turned out wonderful and I used a nice Green backing to kind of blend the various colors. I used a Oak leaf, and acorn pattern to quilt it in since it is for a man. I should have the next top ready to quilt in a few days or maybe next week.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No Drama

Such a silly thing these titles but today was a no drama day and yet it was very exciting for me. I went out to the Cotton Cupboard (name of the new shop where I am working) and we had a group of ladies that meet on Wed. to quilt. I am not sure if they are called a guild or a Bee, but they met at the store today. They are a great bunch of ladies and I got to cut fabric for them while Jessica the owner talked to them and checked them out. It was a great day. Then we got in a new shipment of fabric so I started cutting fat quarters from it. Every day I get to go there I find new fabrics that have come in and it is so fun to see them. I turned in the block of the month that I have started designing for the store. I am excited about that too, it is not the first quilt I have designed but the first that will be sold in any form.
I got some new blocks for my birthday that I have not shown you yet and I am going to take the pictures of them along with the ones of the last two quilts I finished. I will be back with pictures in a day or two.
Quilt for fun.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend Over!!

Wow, I am so glad this weekend is over, I didn't have a bad weekend I just didn't get anything done, that I wanted to. I completed the quilt I said but I need to get busy and get the next one done. I also needed to get the BOM done for the shop and I got the plan made but didn't get the blocks made. I am excited about it, but now I am behind. I feel bad about it though and I need to get it done. I think I may get up in the morning and make at least one or two done, before I go.