Monday, December 28, 2015

Welcome to the End of 2015

  Hello friends and followers,
I have been so out of the flow of blogging for so long and to be honest I can't even say why. I guess I just haven't picked the computer up much since April. I have been busy with swaps, secret Pal, and Quilting bee blocks. I have done a good bit of traveling as well, with a trip to El Paso to see my daughter and grandchildren in July, and back to Chattanooga TN, in Sept to watch my grandsons for a weekend while my daughter was in a wedding, then in Nov. we went to New Orleans for a wedding, and then on to Chattanooga again for Thanksgiving.Hubby and I were not able to go, but our Son was married on the 17th of Nov. in Costa Rica.  Bam it was time for Christmas and so much to do getting ready for that. I am still working on a special gift for my last Secret Pal for the year. I am continuing with the Quilting Bee, but have decided to take some time off from Secret Pals and swaps. It is just time to do some finishes for my family and my own home. I have a tub of UFO/PIG's that would surprise my family if they found it. Many are gifts I started and never finished, and some are just block of the month kits that I have started and purchased the entire year, but only got part of them made. That brings me to a subject I have been thinking about as I plan my next year. I started doing swaps and Secret Pal, to make sure that I would not just sit and do nothing. I was kind of at a low point in my life and I needed to know that someone would appreciate the things I enjoy doing. I needed some positive fed back that would help me feel better about myself. So I wonder what this year will do to my self esteem. I guess it will just be on me, to make sure I feel good about myself and maybe I'll have to show off to you all as I complete my UFO/Pig's.
  On the end of 2015, lets look back on some of the things I completed,

Wedding fun in New Orleans with my wonderful hubby.
 These bags were made for sons Wedding, and I had to remake them when I found out I had spelled the Costa Rica saying Pura Veda incorrectly.

 Christmas Swap mini I sent out in Dec.
 Gift made for my daughter to give to a friend.
 Just one of my Bee blocks sent out this year, we had 24 options by the end of the year.
Secret Pal gifties.

 House Mini Swap

 Texas mini Swap

Cotton and Steele mini swap and extras

 Carrier for my Young Living essential oils.
 Gilmore Girls mini Swap extras.

Kitty Mini Swap and extra.

Well I lost the mini when I tried to move it so maybe I'll post it again some other time. Until next time yall have a very Quilty time,