Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hello, Hello

  Wow, I miss my time blogging and my time sewing. I finally found some time last week and early this week to do a few little things. I had prepped some fabric for a project a month or so ago, and it got cancelled. I got a couple of those out and made some lanyards for keys, and cut out four make up bags.

I made 7 of the lanyards, and then discussed it with my daughter, and we agreed that I had made them too long. So I took them apart while I was watching TV that night, and remade them the next day. I like the way they turned out and with the fabric I cut off I was able to make three more. So now I have 10 in that color and I ended up with enough to make three in the fabrics I am making the make up bags in. I ended up with 13 lanyards to either sell or give away. I have 2 of the make up bags made, and will make the other 2 this after noon if there is time.Yea, I had so much fun just doing that little amount of sewing.
  I have a quilt that needs to be layered for quilting, but I usually have to do that on the floor, and I pulled a muscle in my back at the gym a few weeks ago, so floor time is limited. I am looking for a table large enough to use so I can get on with it. I could clear off my table that I have my sewing machine on, but that is maybe a little more trouble than I want to take. I have started doing some physical therapy exercises, that I found on line for the back, so maybe i could just wait another week until I feel better. I need to work in the sewing room and I don't want to dismantle my table and put it back together. That would mean not getting to work there. LOL
  Well, I guess I need to get back to work on house stuff so I can find time to sew. Until next time, yall have a very quilty week.