Wednesday, March 20, 2013

International Qulting Day

Well, I have been so busy working on my body, it seems that is all I have a chance to do. I am trying to get up earlier, so my day has a few more hours in it. That has not gone as well as I thought it might. LOL I do love to sleep. On the other hand I really want to be healthy and feel better, so I will keep trying. Today I actually woke up at 7 and didn't fall back to sleep, Yea!!! Maybe tomorrow I will get out of bed as well as stay awake. I know how lame is that, but it was cold this morning and I just stayed under the covers. I do not miss having a job, but I do miss that I was up and out early enough to feel good about myself. Now it is too easy to stay in bed and go back to sleep with hubby still there too.
  Okay, so I wanted to quilt on Sat. since it was the International Quilt Day, and I never did, but I did take an hour or so to go to the local quit shop. I had to support them with a purchase of course!! LOL I am adding fabric to my stash to make my darling Grandson a play mat quilt, before his second birthday. I browsed all the new books, and patterns, and of course the gadgets, since I am so crazy about those. I do have a very limited income though so I only bought a few things. My quilt store is in the Spring/Summer 2012 Quilt Sampler magazine and I never got it, so they had some on hand and I bought it. They have some lovely star quilt patterns, I want to try. One even showed an option to make it a table runner instead of a full size quilt. That makes it easier to think about adding to my list of things to do. Honey Bee is the store name, and I love the ladies there, and they have a great variety of fabrics. That makes me happy! While I was there I also got the last fabric for the quilt top I am making for my granddaughter, so sad to say I still have not finished her birthday gift. I still need the backing, but I have the last border now and this week or next I will get the backing and get it quilted. I have a quilt for her daddy's birthday started, but who knows when I will get it done. His birthday is of course the end of March, so I should get it done asap, but with my youngest daughter and her children coming Sat. for their spring break, I think sewing time will be limited, and I am still figuring out how to work out every day and get anything else finished. I get lunch cooked and cleaned, and then wonder what happened to the day after I go work out. I think I am just tired right now, and after I get used to it I will not be quit so tired. LOL
   Well, I want you to know things for my mom's new house and my daughters new house are going very well, and they have both been approved for their loans and we just need to give them the down payments and they will start the building of both places. We are hoping to get them moved in some time around June. We are all praying for the weather to be nice enough for the moving. Here in Texas it can easily be in the high 90's by June, and on occasion it gets into the 100's by then. We are asking for the cooler 80's this year. Sorry I have been out of touch, seems like I get the computer out, and have to get off before I can even get logged on. Until next time yall have a very quilty week, and lets hope for some pictures next time.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Busy Day

  Well, the insurance adjuster came by today and took pictures and looked at mothers house. I am sending him the photos I posted here this week too. Then mother and I went out to run errands. I didn't sleep very well last night so I was too tired to do any thing when I got home. I have so many emails and little paper work things I should do and I just took a half hour to lay down. I didn't fall asleep, but it was enough to refresh me for the paper ( computer) work I needed to get done.
  Planning a family reunion seem to have been left in my care. I have help in another state, but I have been made the point person. I will learn not to volunteer to help next time. I thought I was going to help and I am not sure how it went from I will help to so glad you are planning the reunion this year. The hard part is done, and now my cousin who is helping me has the information to post on both face book and emails. I have to admit I would rather be the one finding a location and making the arrangements than doing the emails and postings.
  Now that the reunion is on track I am hoping to get back into the sewing room and do some real sewing. The last few days that I have been able to get in the sewing room, all I got done was hemming the jeans hubby and I have recently purchased. Not sure why we have had to hem hubby's, he is getting a shorter length than he has in the past and they are longer on him than the length he used to buy. I am not a tall woman but seem to have long legs compared to the normal. So I buy tall pants, and hem them. Well, I want to get the quilt for granddaughter done and finish an embroidery job I have had on the back burner.
Okay well I have rambled for too long, and I am going to get back to the things I need to get done. Until next time yall have a very quilty weekend.