Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Things to Slow Me Down

  Well, as you might have guessed from the title I have had some problems today. I told you I was off to get stuff ready for a small craft fair, and I had to fill out the PDF for them and send it back . I was supposed to be able to do that digitally, however I could not figure out how, and my daughter was never here when I had time to get her help. Today was the last day, so I thought, well I will just print it and take it to her with the cash. Such is life,  since we have all gotten new laptops and they all have the new OS Windows 7. The printer is so old that the drivers are not compatible with the new OS. I spent too much time with that and then just gave up and went to my parents house and used their computer and printer. I fiddled with the other stuff for so long it was almost 4 this afternoon getting to the hospital to turn in the cash and the form. That meant I was close to 5 getting back home. Needless to say I got very little done today toward any sewing or crafting. I did get all the newest fat quarters ironed and ready to use, when I do get to the sewing room. I should have plenty of pictures to post in the next few days. I have some cute ideas and some fun stuff to work on, as well as the stocking I plan to make for the lady who is collecting them for the foster children in the system in her county.
  I thought you might like to see what the husband is working on for a change since I have not done anything photo worthy recently. This is for our new granddaughter. She is kind of on the top edge of the make believe play, but so far our granddaughters have all been that old when we get them. The grandson due in Dec. will be our first baby to join the family since his mother was born. It will be fun to play with him and I am sure we will be making many things for him as he grows up. 
  Well, I will head off to get ready for bed and until the next time yall have a very quilty week.

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