Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Can I Say Oh My Gosh!!

  Life has been a roller coaster this whole summer. We went to DFW and picked my mom up from her sisters home a few weeks ago. It has been busier, since she got home, than it already has been all summer. I still have her car with me, but I think tomorrow I will take it back to her. We have a very busy month coming in Sept. and we will be traveling almost all month. I just want this process to be finished, and both my mom and daughter living in their homes. I know hind sight is much clearer than foresight, but wow I wish we had known what this was going to be like. A new house or even a previously lived in house would have been easier and faster than what we have gone through with these.
  Time to sew has been limited and quilting has been out of the question. Now I am working on a reupholster project for my daughter, and curtains for both mother and daughter. Today I finally have time, and here I am writing. I will head to the sewing room in a few minutes, and hope to get back to write again tomorrow.
So until I can get back yall have a very quilty week.