Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thoughts on today

  I have been thinking today about how much I love quilting and how slow I think I am at it. There is also the whole thought that if I would just be more consistent with my work, then maybe I would be almost as fast as some of you. I have been looking around again at other blogs, and some of them show such amazing work. How is it that some of you make a quilt or two a week?? I am in aww of those of you who do. I will be completing two and maybe if I can keep up the momentum three this week. The thing is I have been working on them all for months, not days or weeks.  One is waiting for binding, the next is ready to start quilting, and then I will bind it as well. Then maybe tomorrow I can pin baste the last one and finish it as well. Yea!!!! that will mean I can begin the next two that I need to have done before I leave for TN for the birth of my new grand baby. Those will be king size t-shirt quilts, one for a friends wedding gift for her new to be husband, and the other for her brother in law to be. My middle daughter will be going with me to TN and then when she leaves there she will go to Dallas for the wedding of this girl, I am making the quilts for. This lovely young lady has been my daughters best friend since they were in high school, but we have known her since they were in elementary school.
  I have a project I am working on I have mentioned it before. I am making a top for my daughter and I am having trouble making it fit. Some would pay big money for the size of ..... how do I say it with out being rude, chest that three of my girls have. I have been looking for a book to help me learn the process of fitting clothes. Adjusting patterns to fit any body size or type, seems to elude me. I used to be good at it, so, this frustrates me to no end.
  Well, if I am to complete the quilts I want to today and tomorrow I must go and get busy. I need to go to the mail box and since I have to go out I will go get coffee too. The girls will go to girls night so I will be alone tonight and I can quilt while they are gone. Until the next time, yall have a very quilty week.

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BJ in TX said...

Tennye, you will need to learn how to do an FBA for a good fit. (Full Bust Adjustment.) It is really quite easy and there's more than one way to do it. If you go to, in the message board/forum, there's info on how to do that. If you need more info, let me know!