Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Where Has this Year Gone?

  I have no idea where this year has gone, I just know that it is suddenly April and I can't remember what I have done the last three months. Well, that isn't completely true, but I have not accomplished the things I had thought I would have in this length of time. I have quilts to make and curtains to make and so many other things I want to get done. I have to keep on my mother and help her too with cleaning out her house so we know what is going to be moved and what is to be sold in the garage sale. We gave them the down payment and they ordered the home, so it is in line for build. When will it be complete, I do not know. They say most likely in early June, which means it will be getting pretty hot when it comes time to make the move. Our daughter is in the same place and her home is in the same line, with about the same schedule for completion. That may mean two moves in one week, or I guess we can take as long as we need to move her since she lives here with us.
  Our daughter and grand children were here from Tennessee last week, and we were busy and had a great time. We took them to San Antonio to the river walk and the Market Square. We rode the river boat tour, and had a great day. Then on the way home we stopped at the outlet mall so she and her daughter could shop.

Sister with niece and nephew.
Grandpa and I were tired and stayed in the car with the baby. He is adorable and we had a great time with him, Since he had been in the car seat or stroller all day I let him stand in the front floor between my legs. He was happy with that for almost 30 min. then he got bored. He moved to Grandpas lap and crawled all over him. He was happier about getting in the car seat for the remainder of the drive home after that. We did so many things all week long and then Thurs. before she went home her sisters and I took them to San Antonio to the zoo.
Now we have a zoo here in Austin, but we have never been to it and we all grew up going to the one in SA. So that was our choice, and it was a great day, I took lots of pictures, but not as many as the other girls did. However I took them on my phone and I still have not gotten savvy enough to move them from the phone to the computer. I am going to give that a whirl before I post , so if I figure it out you will know. LOL

  Well, I started this post last week, before my husband and I went to visit my aunt and uncle in the DFW area. We had a nice visit and before we left I figured out how to save my photos from the phone to the computer.  Now if I can just figure out the ones I have saved from facebook. I can save them, but then can't open them. ;(

  Since the beginning of this post new things have happened. Mother and Aislynn have signed more papers. Now we are looking at delivery maybe as soon as three weeks. That means we have too much to do, and too little time to get it all done. So this week I must complete everything I need to in the sewing room, and around the house. You see while my daughter was here, she opened the blinds in the kitchen and broke them.  My husband has bought new ones and put them up, but while the curtains are down he thinks we need to wash them and replace them. Needless to say that has added a whole round of cleaning to be done. Curtains, quilts, and other things. I know quilts in the kitchen??? well, they are just an aside, not really in the kitchen.
  I have to go this time, but I will be back. I am documenting the clean out and moving, so until next time have a very quilty week.