Thursday, April 29, 2010

Buzy Day

Well, I have been doing some research today and some writing and I will be off to do some sewing in a little while. The class I am writing is not so much a different class, than most I am sure. I however am having so much fun writing it. The class is based on a fairly old quilting process, and the different methods of doing it. So I have started the description with just a short little history lesson and then for added fun I am writing journal entries for various fictitious women in differing stages of life as they are using the method for that lesson. I always thought I would like to be novelist , but didn't really get the full concept of sentence structure and all that technical stuff that an author must know. I guess you could say I am a wing it kind of girl, and that is how I write. It isn't for everyone and makes others think I am crazy, but oddly enough I talk and write about the same. Lucky for you I try to go back a re-read these post so they don't sound too bad. LOL
You know just for a little change of pace I have decided to make a snugly baby afghan for a friend who's baby girl is due in June. I have not done much crochet since I started making large bed quilts. I just love to quilt so much I find it hard to make myself take time out to make anything else even  clothing although I will have to do that soon too as I am out of clothes. Don't ask why?? Lets just say I may still be growing,not in a good way. Too much time to sit and do nothing while I was having that pity party over not having a job. Well, glad that is over and I am finally doing something other than partying. Hahaha
Well, I was checking Twitter a little bit ago and the red headed quilter reminded me that if I want things to change I have to do something about it. That is not what she posted, but it is what I got out of her post. So I am off to do some sewing. I expect to finish this quilt today. I will see if one of my girls will help me take photos tonight and then post them tomorrow or Sat. Until then have a very quilty week.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well, I have been working on two quilts for my granddaughters and I finished one yesterday, but had to stop on the other one because I ran out of thread. I went off to find some today while I was shopping for some groceries. The quilt/Bernina shop is next to the store where I shop, even though I don't go there often it was so convenient for today. Well I usually buy white thread in the 547 yd.s but this store happens to carry the larger spool with 1094 yd.s which I thought cost an awful lot but I use so much white that I was glad to find it. So I have been looking on line for maybe a way to buy some a little cheaper. Well, I found it for 28.?? I didn't write it down, for a box of five. Well, I paid 9.$ for one so I think that  may be a good way to go in the future. They carry all of the different varieties of Metrosene and all the size spools at a reduced rate, plus they had some on sale this week. What a deal right.
Well, I apologize again for the split in the paper piecing tutorial, next time I will just hold off until I can do it all in one. I am thinking about giving you a pattern from the ones I am planning to put in my book and see how you like it. Then maybe ask for your comments on the directions, so I can improve on my methods. I guess I should go back to work for now and finish this other quilt. When I get it done I will post pictures, and then I will have some others to show you soon. I have kind of gone table runner crazy the last few months and I just have to make one of the patterns I have been hording. Besides I have an entry way table that needs some new life this year.
So off I go , hoping you will have a quilty week.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I guess Lesson Two

Well, lets get back to this block and see if we can finish it. I meant to mention you should make your stitches for sewing smaller than what you might use for regular sewing.
The next step will be to turn over your fabric and pattern finger press it and trim.

As you can see I use the wooden tool because I have long nails and it makes them weak when I use my thumb or fingers.
This is the trim part.
I also trim up the seem allowance after I trim off the strip piecing.
You follow the numbers on the front and continue your sewing. Don't tear any of the paper off at this time.
Now you have a quarter of your block, or at least I do. LOL Turn the block over and lets trim it up.
 When you trim remember you need the quarter inch for a seem allowance around the out side.
Here is the trimmed and completed quarter block.
Repeat with however many pieces or blocks you have to complete your block.
Using your seem allowances put them together. Remembering to leave your stitch length short so that it will be strong enough when you tear off the paper.
This is my complete block with all the papers still in tact.
I have a trick I use to begin the process of tearing off the paper.
Score the paper with a pin, being sure not to go through the fabric.
Lift paper with your finger and pull gently using the seam lines as perforated line. Because it is. Duh! right.
Well I hope this has been helpful to those of you who are trying to do some things they have not done before or have done and found to be too challenging to do again.
Happy quilting to you all,

Monday, April 19, 2010

Paper Piecing

Today we are going to finally get this done.

I want to say that you can find patterns many places to find them. The one I have used I purchased years ago at a Trunk Show held at the quilt shop I enjoyed going to. They are not in business any more and I don't know if the pattern makers are still in business either. I don't even know the name of the company any more.
Pick a pattern you like choose the colors that will make it look like you want it to.
This pattern is a part of the whole, for the whole I need four copies of this pattern.
These are the supplies I use for this process.
You can also use a small rotary ruler to go with it for measuring your quarter inch seam.
I like to color my pattern to get an idea what fabrics I will use to make my quilt block stunning. With this one I made a decision and after I looked into my stash I changed my mind about one of the colors.

Now that those decisions have been made look at your pattern and notice the divisions are numbered. As you were making color and fabric decisions you choose where the fabrics will go. At this time I measure each numbered piece at its widest part and add a half inch. I cut my fabric into strips for each section so they are ready to sew in place.
When doing paper piecing you do the sewing from the back of the paper, so I choose to draw my lines on the back side so that when I do my sewing I am on the line and not guessing.
 Now place the color for number one in place and add number two face down on it making sure you have the correct seam allowance available.
I peak under to make sure I am sewing on the proper line.
 You see a pin in the photo but I do not pin on the seam lines as it can often distort such small seams. I do however pin across the fabric to hold it in place.
Now lets turn the paper over and line up your needle on the sewing line, and sew.
 Well, that is enough for today, tomorrow I will finish it all up and show you the results.

Have a wonderfully quilty day until we meet over the sewing machine again.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vacation Over

Well, I am home from my vacation and I must say with the exception of a few little things I had a wonderful time. I intended to post and add photos the entire time I was gone and as you can see I didn't post anything. We left here on the 30th of March at about 6 PM and drove for about five hours to Shreveport,LA . We spent the night there and drove on to Savannah,GA because my daughter wanted to see it. I guess I should go back and start over a little. My daughter and I, drove my parents to meet their great grand children for the first time. The daughter I put up for adoption who found us about five years ago has been here to see us and so has her husband, but so far my parents have not gotten to meet their children. My son in law is stationed in Virginia for now and moving to El Paso, TX in two months. My dad just loves history and since there is so much in the VA area I wanted him to get to see it while we had family there to visit.
I worked hard to get the quilts I had for my grand daughters completed before I left and unfortunately even working up until the last hour before we left I did not get that accomplished. I will do that this coming week if possible. The day I got home I was able to get a nice bath and wash my hair. Then we discovered that the main water coming in to the house pipe had busted while I was in the bath. Woo Hoo what fun. Well, that was Wed. evening and this is Sat. and we still have no water. We have been using gallon jugs to flush with and going to my parents to bath. My house is a disaster with no water and I am somewhat frustrated with it. One of the cats got sick in my sewing chair while I was gone and I can't clean it without water so I have not gotten to sew yet. No laundry, and do dishes washed. Friday was my birthday and we went out with friends and my family. We had a great time.
Back to the vacation, I had a great time and I really think my parents did too. My daughter flew home on Mon. after Easter and I did all the driving after that. We stayed with my daughter for a week and then drove to Louisiana and spent a few days with a cousin and her new husband there. It was a nice visit there and a good drive home.
I will check back in with you all in a day or two. I hopefully will have the quilts completed and have pictures to show, and also be able to post the tutorial I have been talking about.
Have a quilty week, and I will see you soon.