Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last pre-give away post

Hey ladies and gentlemen I have had a long day. We had a lovely Champagne brunch this morning and I thought I would just add some photos that I didn't post from the quilt show last weekend.
So here are some very interesting ones.

I love the Art quilts and these two seem to have some kind of connection in that they are both people yet this red one is a sad commentary on reality.

Once again this photo is on its side and there dose not seem to be any way to rotate it back to what it should be. It is lovely though isn't it. Did you know that Texas is known for its monarch butterflies? I just recently ( in the last few years ) found that out. They are so pretty and I have always love them.
Well, I am going to go off and watch the movie my family is watching. I do hope you have had a lovely quilty weekend.
Tomorrow is the day, so please post.

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QuiltSue said...

The amount of work that has gone into these quilts is amazing. I really loved the butterfly one.