Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

I had a  bad week last week and then started this one in a similar way. I was getting frustrated, but then things turned around and the only thing that changed was my attitude. So now I have decided things will be better even if I am too tired. I finally got into the sewing room and it is a mess of major proportions. I got so over whelmed with the idea of trying to clean it out so I just did the least I could and got out my project that is in need of being completed. I had a very productive afternoon, and I even got some laundry started. Tomorrow I will hopefully get the blocks complete. Then on Mon. I will be able to start the process of sewing and quilting. I have decided to quilt as I go with this one. It will be just too big to quilt it the other way. I sure wish I could get the hang of the frame. Maybe I would be able to get the quilting done quicker.
I do have a much better grasp on the whole process now and my free motion is really getting good. It is almost like I have a long arm sometimes. That makes me feel pretty good and I am pretty excited about selling my wall hanging at the show last weekend.

By the way we had a wonderful time at my Aunt and Uncles house this weekend. I tired a shrimp soup my cousin asked me to try and it was sooo good. I will have to get her to give me the recipe for it. We did a big fish fry and we all cooked something to go with it. We had so much food it was over done. But so good.
Well, in case I miss tomorrow, let me say Have a wonderful Thanks Giving and now we are on the down hill side of Christmas.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Here I am again wishing I had done more today than I did. I took my oldest daughter to the Dr. again today. Bless her heart with all of the things going on in her life it is amazing that she can still get up and face the world. She has been having trouble seeing well enough to drive the last week, so I have been taking her to the appointments she has. She is getting the diabetes under control, and now she needs to find out if she has any permanent damage to her eyes. Today we had great news, that she does not have any damage and the problems she is having ,now ,should go away soon.
I hope to get into the sewing room tomorrow and make some progress, but I have made the mistake of starting a new book. I will have to be disiplined and not read all day. I did start the laundry and clean the kitchen today, so the house is looking better.
Well, I am having some problems on the blog recently. Spell check is gone, and yet it tells me I spelled the word wrong. I usually do a good job of spelling, but then I really make a mess sometimes too. So sorry if you notice I have misspelled words.
Well, more next time.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back and still tired.

Well, I had a great vacation and then came back and hit the road running. We had a great craft show over the weekend. I learned so much about what the people who come want. I will see if I can make a better showing next year. I will have more just Christmas things, as that is what seemed to sell better than the gift items I thought would be the best sellers. I am planning to make up a few small gift baskets or cups and see if they will sell on the corner.
I do have a couple more pictures to share and will do that at the end. I was so lucky to meet a lovely lady on the flight home from Vegas. She is a quilter too and we really enjoyed our flight. I just love meeting new people and to meet a fellow quilter is always a treat. My poor hubby hates to be confined for long periods of time and he had to sit on that plane for two hours and Jeanne and I just talked the whole time and didn't even notice the time passing.
I have three quilts that must be complete ASAP so I will have to get back on the work horse soon. I need to take my daughter for a job interview on Mon. and she still can't see well enough to drive so I will. Then we have to go to the Dr. after that, so I will have the day off tomorrow. Glad I have a pot of stew in the fridge, I won't have to cook. I will enjoy a good book while I wait for her to do what she has to do. Then I will get busy on Tue. and as soon as I can I will try out the new class I got in the email last month. I wanted to work on it right away but had to wait until the fair was over. I also have some birthday blocks to get out asap. I am behind with Nov. and hope to get those and Dec. done and out in the mail before Thanksgiving.

Well, enough for today, have a good day tomorrow and I will be back on as soon as I can. Here are the pictures of the two completed small wall hangings I took to the show. One, the tree, sold and the other didn't.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Short Time

Just wanted to take a short minute to say Hi to all and let you know what is going on in my life. My 26 year old daughter found out this week she has diabetes. We are all somewhat shocked over it. She had had  high blood pressure and several other problems for the last year or so and it all seemed like things she was too young to be dealing with. Now they are saying many of her problems may be a result of the insulin issues and will most likely go away as she gets that under control. I am glad of that and yet somewhat concerned about her learning to deal with all of this. I guess I am hoping it will help all of us get our weight under control, I know I will be researching the diet and recipes.
Here are just a few photos of some more things I have made recently I wanted to share with you all and then I am back to work on the last few things to make before I leave on vacation.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not much Time

Well, I am still working on so many things, and yesterday was frustrating. I worked the same number of hours and I didn't complete anything. I got one bag almost complete, but then I had to quit. I think I just got too tired to make the good decisions. I have wanted to share some more photos so here are a few more.