Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Will This Ever End?

 Well, it took us what four or five weeks to get mother moved out of her place, and demolition done to the buildings we needed to remove. Then the night before they told us they would move the old one out, we had to take the porch down, and store it for future use. Five weeks later they finally moved it completely off the property. The new house is in place and has water and electric connected. The A/C is in and we have started moving in the boxes and furniture. However, we cant turn the water on because there is a leak that is a factory problem. Problem; no one bothered to tell us or to tell the sale office either. So I finally called them and now they have contacted the plant and we should be hearing from them soon.
  My daughters house is moving much more slowly, since there has never been water or electric on her land. I have a ton of pictures, but just decided to no bore you all with those. Every time I have to go over and wait for some one to do a service, I open a few boxes and empty them. As soon as we can turn the water back on I will start doing some dishes and putting more of the stuff away they I have been taking out of the boxes. I am ready for this to be over as you may have guess. I have had about three good days in the sewing room and I really wish I had more tome to sew. I will soon enough and when I do I will have two projects to really get busy with. So until I have a some more time yall have a very quilty week. I miss you all.