Monday, October 10, 2011

Why Do You Quilt? 2

  Okay well, this time I am asking myself why it is I quilt, and what drives me? I was raised in a home with quilts around me all the time. Even if they weren't on our beds, which most of the time they were, they were around.
  This is my favorite and the one that was on my bed most of the time. I didn't want to try and take a picture of the whole thing, so here is just a corner. My great grandmother on my mothers , dads side did the piecing and embroidery for the blocks. She gave my mom the quilt and my grandmothers sister pieced the sashing and put it all together. Then the three of them Mother, grandmother and Aunt Ina Lee quilted it together. I don't use it daily any more, let me show you why.
I know it is a little blurry but the embroidery stitching is wearing off on some of the blocks. I am not a hand embroiderer and don't know how to fix that part. Other than that is is also beginning to get small holes in the cotton fabric and where they are the batting is missing.Once upon a time I thought I might try and duplicate it so I would have one on my bed. I created a pattern from the original blocks and started looking for the fabrics to make it. At that time I didn't realize that I could do the embroidery on my machine, by using a satin stitch. I was thinking I needed to do it all by hand. I gave up, on the idea at the time. Now I may be revisiting the idea. I am a much better quilter and I know more about how to manipulate my machine.
  Well, as I said there were other quilts that I saw daily , but this one was mine so I have it, and mother and daddy still have the other ones. Also I slept on the baby quilt my Aunt had for my cousin when I was at her house. That one was a colonial sunbonnet sue. Some day I may get that one and take some pictures and try to remake it as well. I would have to say that little quilt has had as much influence over me as any that were in my home. So much did I love that quilt I thought it was mine, and would fight the cousins if one of them tried to use it.
  Okay, I am off for today and wishing each of you a very quilty week, until I get back to you.
  You think she will want to quilt too??? LOL

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Rae said...

Quilting is something I think I shall probably get addicted to at some point - I have so many other crafty hobbies I daren't start a new one... but I am very tempted :)

I adore that pansy pattern, absolutley stunning, what a beautiful thing ot grow up with and so sad it is starting to fray a little... but then we all do that as we age I guess!