Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Post On Scraps and How To Control Them

Well, my last post was on scraps and wondering if any one remembers a past post of mine. I spent a good amount of time today looking for the post I was talking about, and you guessed it I didn't find it. I didn't take the time to look at every one of them, and I am sure I would find it if I did. Question is does any one have any interest in my methods  or how I use them, or am I just on my own with this one. I will start posting photos of the things I make using the pre cut fabrics. Maybe then some of you will see how efficient it is and how much help it can be to controlling your stash.
I went shopping with my mom this afternoon for things to decorate the chenille trees. She is working on them for me since I am working to get more wall hangings done. Why is it the little stuff that seems to take so little time, really ends up taking more than you think it will.
I made a"welcome" wall hanging yesterday, and I just made it up as I was going along. Problem is it turned out too long. I figured maybe 16x30 or some where around that size would be good , some how I ended up with 16x59 or 70 I am not sure, I still need to add a piece to it yet and it is too long. I think it is nice, and so have all the others who I have shown it to, but I wonder if it is too long for any one to want it. I will take that into consideration as I work on the next two that I have embroidered the letters for. I did have a lovely fabric to use at the bottom that may have been why it is too long, then again it could be I needed to put sashing in it and I need to leave it out next time.
I will add pictures later when I have them all three complete.
Have a wonderfully quilty day.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Does any one remember?

Hi there ladies and gentlemen, I have been reading blogs and looking around, at things. It caused me to wonder, if any one remembers reading the blogs I did on scraps and how to control them? I have been making a lot of scraps while working on all these projects. I made a lot of them last year too, then I had a major project that I went straight into after the craft show, so I just kind of boxed them up and put them away. I have a similar issue this year, with the next set of quilts to finish. I have the hand quilting project to complete and then I also have two other quilts I will need to finish. I took a commission a week or so ago that is to complete a quilt she started and then make one from the fabrics she picked out and then realized she just wasn't gonna make it.
Anyway back to the scraps, I have the boxes that I have cut up in sets of 2", 3 1/2 ", 5", and any strip that is one inch or wider. Then I have them pre-cut ready to use for quilts. I tried to do 7" as well, but don't have a box that will hold them so decided not to. I showed you the Dresden plates that I was making a couple of months ago. Well I used the 3 1/2" squares to make two petals of the plates, so I am still finding new things to do with my scraps. What are you doing with your scraps and are you controlling yours in a particular way? If so why don't you write a guest blog for me and teach us a new way to control our scraps. I am not sure how I will post it, but we can figure that out.
Well, have a quilty day and I will talk to you again soon.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Still Here and working hard

Well, I am sorry for being so long getting back on and updating. I have learned some things and made a lot of nice things. I may  not have made enough things but I have sure been busy. So just to keep my reputation I shall add some photos today, well tonight. I have tried all day to get on here and do this but for what ever reason I am just now getting to it.
Hubby just went to bed and my girls are out strolling thru Austin on a walking ghost tour of downtown Austin, TX. They went with a friend who has been before, but was looking forward to the special one they do during the month of Oct. Apparently they have places they go only during the witching month. I personally do not believe in celebrating Halloween, but my girls enjoy carving pumpkins and so for the last few years they have had a party to carve them. I have pictures of that as well. So lets get things started.
Here are the first pictures of the things I have been making this week.

Well, try as I might this will not go bact to being upright and I have changed it in my files as well. Sorry!!

This is the back of the table runner I made, so now for the front of it.

This is one I kind of made it up, I saw one I really liked and I didn't really want to pay for it so I just decided to make one up. Well, it worked okay except that I didn't have as much fabric as I needed so one end it different from the other. I didn't show the bad end, LOL.

Well, I am a little disappointed that I have only three things to show you. I worked so hard this week, and I put in 10 or 12 hours a day, so why is it I only have three things to show. I made many more things but they are small. I had fun using my embroidery machine though to make this one.

Okay so this is the only one I am going to add, of the fun Pumpkin Carving party from this year.
Well, I have missed all of you so much while I have been so busy and out of town, so I will try to make a bigger effort this week to get on and post, even while I am working. So please enjoy your week and have a very quilty week.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Home Again

Hello, friends I have had such a wonderful weekend off. My family and I all packed up and went to Port Aransas on Padre Island last Thursday. We had  such a good time. The water was clear and just the right temp. and the sun was bright and hot. I have a nice little burn to prove that last one. I used a sun block, but I think it may have been that it washed off while I was playing in the Gulf. We met some friends there and enjoyed visiting with them.
Now I am back to work on my craft show. I have four weeks to get everything made that I need to. We had our last meeting last night for the show and I am both excited and scared.
I got the loveliest email when I got home from Mimi the winner of our give away last month. She is pretty excited about her gift and that made my day.
I will have some photos of the coast to show you later. I have not taken the time to put them on the computer. I must say getting caught up on my emails took more of my day than I would have thought. I had well over 200 emails in the three addresses that I have, plus Face book and I still haven't checked my Twitter. 
So I am off to the sewing room again to get back to work on my latest crafts I have been working on today.
Do have a lovely quilty day and I will talk to you again soon.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I have been sitting in my bed most of the day watching movies on TV, and looking around at other blogs that I read regularly and some I have never seen before. I spent a good bit of time checking out the different blogs that are doing the Christmas quilt along. Things are going very nicely for them, as they quilt along together, and post the pictures of their progress. I am doing some quilting for Christmas myself on a regular basis, however did not choose to join the group. I have so many things going on that I didn't think I could meet with them on a regular basis. I am happy for each of them and the progress they are making.
I don't have any pictures to post today, but thought I would take a min. to say well done to any of them that might stop by and visit my blog.
Those of you who are regulars, I will be taking a vacation this week, and I may not have a chance to write. Then when I get home I will be hitting it hard to get the last of my craft show things made, and ready to put out for sale. I will most likely take some of them with me that are the finishing things, I have to do by hand. So until I get to write again, yall have a quilty time,

Friday, October 8, 2010

Another UFO Complete

Well, I don't have much time to write, but wanted to say a big thanks to all who posted on the blog for the contest. I always enjoy everyone's comments, all the time. I completed a quit that I have been working on for over a year. Well it has been in process, I have not picked it up in over a year. I like it, but am a little disappointed that it is not exactly even. Looks pretty good though, and I guess it will do.

Well, some day I will get better at taking photos that look good, in the mean time I guess you just get what I can do. Sorry.
Have a very quilty weekend,


Saturday, October 2, 2010


We, all have heroes from all areas of our lives and they influence us in different ways. I have lots of heroes in my life and I am sure you do to. Some of the biblical heroes I have are Abraham, and Paul. Can you imagine the faith it took for Abraham to just pack his stuff and move, because God said to, and then he also said Oh, bye the way I will tell you where to go and when you get there, so just go. I think about my life and my quilting and wonder if I could do that. Then there is Paul and he was beaten, stoned, ship wrecked, and imprisoned and he still made the choice to tell the people around him the gospel. Wow!!!
Then I have emotional heroes, the wife of my pastor, is the happiest person alive, I think. She has never had a bad thing to say to me about anyone, she smiles even when things are bad. She always has a good word for every one, and she almost never forgets a birthday, or anniversary. She is one of my heroes.
Well, in our quilting we all have heroes too. I don't mean just the names we see on the book covers and the TV shows, I mean the quilters in your past who may be the reason you are a quilter. I have a few heroes like that too. My Great Grandmother, is one of them, she quilted, crocheted, and embroidered, and she was meticulous in the work she did. I am not sure where my favorite quilt is, but as soon as I find it I will take some pictures and show you the first quilt that was the seed to my quilting. Then there are my mother and my grandmother as well. Now I never saw any of these family members quilt, in my life, I did however sleep under some quilts they made all of my life. Then, when I was a young mother of three little girls, I met this wonderful lady at Bible study. She came to do a show and tell and tell us about quilting and how to. Well, little did she know that she was igniting the spark that had lain dormant in my creative nature for who knows how long. I had one piece of paper with me that day and it was printed with the words to the song we were going to sing later in the presentation. I still have it somewhere and there is not a single spot on that paper that is not printed on, that I didn't use to take notes. Mind you this was a one hour talk, and it was the basis of my beginning quilting. I lost touch with this woman for several years, then one day I went to the Austin Quilt guilds show, and one of the quilts on display was made by the lady who kicked off my quilting career. She had an award and it was a truly lovely quilt. So needless to say she is one of my heroes in life.
Well, I told you I would post a photo of my latest quilt when I got the chance to and here it is, with some insets .


Well, as always, have a very quilty week and I will talk to you soon,

Friday, October 1, 2010

And The Winner Is

And the winner to our birthday give away is Mimi, and I will be emailing her today to make sure I have an address so I can mail her the package that is our give away. Sorry I didn't get here yesterday life just got too busy and I realized it was midnight and I just had to get to bed.
I am so excited for Mimi and look forward to hearing from her to let us know how she has used her fabrics and how much fun she is having with the Dresden plate pieces.
So for this time I will let Mimi bask in her win.
Have a quilty morning,