Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wish I Had More

 Friends, I am so sorry I should have gotten this give away done by now and I have just been out of it. I am not sure what the reason for it is, but have had no ability to concentrate for a week now. Still having some trouble but getting better. I kind of think I was on the verge of a sinus infection from allergies, and headed it off with over the counter medications. Please forgive me and know I will be back as soon as I can think.
Have a quilty week.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Almost There 5000 Views

  I promised a giveaway when the blog got to the 5000 views mark and today we will discuss the ways you can win, and just what it will be that you win.I have been going through my mind and trying to figure out just what wonderful gift I can give to one lucky winner. Oddly I want to make you something, and not just give away a list of fabrics or a book . The thing is I really don't have the time to make a gift, so I am still looking through things. I will do my best to post it for you next time I post.

 In the mean time I have spent days and hours searching the web for a purse pattern that I love. Now I don't want to buy one, but have about decided that I may have no other choice. I have searched the stores for just the right bag for me. I had a purse made by a famous purse company, that is actually my favorite one. I have had several of their purses over the years and the one I loved best was from them. I have this thing for old fashioned keys and that is their symbol they have one on every bag, not embroidered, it is actually a metal or plastic key.  I am in the process of trying to reproduce my favorite bag, but got scared and put it aside.  I may just have to go back and finish it, because I am not having any luck finding one, in a pattern or pre-made. I would have just taken the old one apart and used it for a pattern, but I think I may have told you before, I gave it to good will .
  Early last week, hubby said I needed to get my sun glasses. I got my new glasses in Nov. and got the transitional lenses in hopes that I would be okay with them. Needless to say in the Texas sun I found myself squinting when the transitions were as dark as they were gonna get. So I headed in to Walmart and found a pair of shades I really liked, and we ordered them with grey lenses. They came in last week, and I picked them up Thurs. in a rainstorm. So now I need to make a purse big enough to hold them, and I need to make a new glasses case too.  So we are all caught up and I need to go make some supper. Have a very quilty week yall.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Reading This Weekend

 I have to tell you, that even though I don't see any thing getting accomplished, not even the laundry, it seems I am busy all the time. I have to admit some of the busy is reading, I have been in the mood lately and I have finished three books since last week. It all started when my daughter loaned me The Hunger Games on kindle. We have been hating that she and I could not share the books that we have, when if they were paper we would most definitely share them with each other as well as my mom. So she was about to buy the book explaining the process, when she read the reviews. One of the reviewers told how to share for a short period of time in her review. So even though we may buy the book in the future at this time we just followed her very specific instructions and did a loan. It seems that the loan is only for a 7 day period, and I was already reading a book. So I put the one I was reading aside and read Hunger Games so that I did not lose the book before I finished it. I enjoyed it very much and it kind of got me in a reading mood, well that, and we are having some rainy and cool weather as well. Once finished I went back to the book I had been reading and finished it. Amazon really knows how to get you, they have a list of free books that changes every month. I get most of the books mother and I read from that list. The thing is often those books are the 1st in a trilogy, or series of books. Like the one I happened to be reading before the loan from my daughter. So of course I had to read the next one, so I went off and searched for it and yea, it was on sale for 3.99. Well, now I am on the list of waiting customers for the next 2 which are not out yet. If you think about it they are really quit genius, if there was a way for me to get repeat customers by giving away something I would get right on it. Alas giving away a bag or a quilt does not often give you repeat business, it only gives you an empty wallet. I also love the free books because I would not want to pay for a book by an author I had never heard of or read before. Now that I have access to the free book list I have come to love a couple of authors I never heard of before.
Well that is enough of a rant from me today, I am headed into the sewing room for a couple of hours . Next time I promise we will get back to quilting, so until them have a very quilty week, and if your in Texas stay dry.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sunny Saturday

 Hi, friends I have had a very different start for my Sat. Hubby is not working today, and that always makes him change my day. I like my Sat. mornings, but today hubby had a different idea. I was going to mow the back yard Thurs. but the mower pull broke while I was trying to start it. Some one gave hubby a practically new mower a few weeks back, so I used that one today. I really like my Sat. mornings usually, and I don't mind mowing usually. Today however I got those things mixed up and I don't like to do that. Sat. is the only day of the week I don't have to get up early, and I don't feel guilty about reading for a while before I get up and get dressed. Hubby's new job is starting to interfere with my routine more than it has already.
 Oh well, life goes on. I did find some extra time from  getting things back to normal around the house after being gone for a couple of weeks. So I used that time to go into the sewing room and do some minor sewing. I told you that I made my granddaughter a beach bag for Easter. Well, now her mom is asking for one too, and since my mom bought her a refrigerator bag for grocery shopping and I will be mailing her a box, I thought I would go ahead with that. I have some scraps cut into squares in the pink, my daughter likes. So I have sewn them together and now I am considering how I will either quilt this fabric, or just back it and go forward. I have a plan in mind but have not done one like this before so I am not quiet sure if I know how. I wish I had a picture, but still not sure if I know how to make the shape.
 Well, sorry to say I am getting hungry and I still have to do more yard work, so I will leave you for today. Yall have a happy cinco de mayo now okay!! Have a very quilty weekend.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Last Day of Vacation

   Hello all, well just wanted to cover the last few days of my vacation before we move on to things we talk about most often quilting and sewing. Fri. my lovely daughter had to work, so I spent the last full day with my amazing grandson. I did most of my packing that day knowing we would be very busy Sat. and not wanting to wait until Sun. morning.
  The granddaughter had 3 games on Sat. and since the 1st one was 9:30 AM I missed
that one. I stayed home with the baby, while mom was working. She came in after work and we all loaded up the car and headed out. The weather had been so cool I never thought about suggesting we load up some water and cool drinks. That was a big mistake, since we were in for the long haul. The next 2 games were back to back on the same field and with the same team. I have posted some pictures of the first game we watched , but my camera battery died before that one was over.
   We got a surprise when we got there, as the coach for the opposing team was my son in laws cousin. He coaches his daughters team, so that meant cousins were playing against each other. I had met them Christmas when I was there for the baby's birth, so they recognized me.
  Thank goodness my daughter did think to bring sun screen, but I missed a few spots and I got a little burn. Gratefully I don't suffer from little burns, so my flight was not as miserable as it could have been. It was only my chest and nose, I just didn't think
about my chest and missed my nose or I sweat it off. I had one of those "why me" things happen while we were there. I walked over to the power aide machine to get water. The coke truck had just left so I was not expecting it to be really cold, but I did expect water. What I got was the one flavor of Power aide I dis like the most, grape. I needed the liquid so I drank it, but really why did it have to be the only flavor I truly despise. Funny I love grape jelly, but that is as far as the grape goes for me.
 Well, I have gone on for long enough. I had a great flight home, and on the first leg of my trip I road with a lovely woman who was going to see her son in El Paso, TX . That is where my oldest daughter lives and I sure wished I could get on her flight with her and go to see them. I may have said something earlier, about the fact that the day I left for TN, that particular daughter flew into San Antonio. My girls drove down there and visited with her for a few hours that night, so I had just missed her. I was sad, but how sad can you be when your getting to see your new grandson. We moms are pulled in different directions all the time.
  Well, that is it for my vacation, so tomorrow we will talk about the quilting I still need to do. Until then yall have a very quilty day.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More About my Visit

  Howdy, more on my vacation. Well, here I am again and this is my daughter and her hubby and I with our 4D glasses on. The movie was too cute, it was an extended version of a super bowl commercial, but I don't remember what year.
There is my hansom grandson again, in his baby bed. He does not sleep there unless it is for a nap. That room is too far a way from mom.
  Well, after I had been with the kids for a week, my hubby joined me. He needed to go see his dad and sister so he was not able to stay for long. He has not been to see his dad in about 2 years, and his dad just got out of the hospital with pneumonia. I am happy to say he is much better, but that also means  hubby and him just stayed at home. 
   The night before we took him to the airport we all went out for dinner. I took that opportunity to get a few pictures of him and the kids, as well as the baby.
 Isn't that baby the cutest???? We sure think he is.
   Thursday daughter and I decided to go walk over the longest walk bridge. She was not sure how to get where it was , so we roamed around for a little bit. In the process I saw some beautiful gardens up on the hill, and some great old buildings. Turned out when we figured out the right road, we were just a short walk from those houses and gardens. We had to walk across a glass walk bridge to get there. Turns out it was going to a museum.
 The gardens had wonderful art work in them and the old houses were almost all turned into restaurants. 
  This lovely house is a bakery, and we were going to get some bread, or baked goods from there, but you know how that goes. We walked around for so long and by time we decided it was time to go , we forgot to get the baked goods.

   Love this clock!!!
This is the longest walk bridge, that as you may know we never got around to walking over. By time we had walked through all the gardens, we just didn't think we wanted to walk that far.
  Such an interesting part of town to visit, and I am sure next time I am there we will go back and see what the district has to offer in the line of food.
  Until next time yall have a very quilty day.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I am Home!!!

 Hello, welcome to my blog. I have been out of the state as many of you know and I am so happy to be home. On the other hand I am so sad to have left my sweet grandson and the family there.  We had a great visit, and we had some fun. The first week my son in law was invited to make a trip to Atlanta and bring his wife for a work thing. They took me along to take care of the baby while they were off doing the things they were invited to. I was treated very well, and had a great time with the baby. It was a good time for him and I to get to know each other better. I was surprised he seemed to recognize me when I got there. Turns out I am that grandmother I thought I wouldn't be.Posting pictures of my grandchildren. (I would add those of the girls if I had more.)  We spent the afternoon at World of Coke on the day we were heading home. I was impressed with the displays and the films we got to see.  I won't post all of them, but just a few.
  These are bottles created from many different countries that show something or some one that represents that country. The first room we went through had coke machines and dispensers from the beginning. My dad collected coke bottles most of my life, and my cousin collected all things coke, so this was a very interesting display and kind of a trip down memory lane for me.
 The amazing advertisements from over the years were fun to see and often I thought wow, I remember that one.
 This sofa was set up for photo opps as was the bear you see me and the baby with.

Who hasn't had a coke Santa memory? I have always thought they were the best Santa's.
This particular coke is a Texas coke and I just had to get that picture, don't you know. LOL

Well,this post doesn't have much about quilting, or sewing, but I will get back to that soon. So until I am back with more about my trip yall have a very quilty day.