Friday, April 20, 2012

Hi to all of you From cloudy Chattanooga, TN

  Well, for my birthday my hubby gave me a two week visit to my daughter and new grandson. Now, initially I was very excited to make this trip, then as the time got short for my departure I began to wish I wasn't going. That was just plain crazy in my opinion and I couldn't figure out why I felt that way. So on the date I was scheduled to leave I packed my daughters car with my luggage and we headed off to the air port. I just was not looking forward to the trip. They dropped me off at the door and I headed in to get my boarding pass and check my bag. I got in line and waited, then I heard one of the people in front of me say something about a cancelled flight. I didn't see the schedule sign behind me so I didn't know what they meant. I waited a few more min. and they were getting serious about the cancelled flight now and talking louder. I asked what they meant, and sure enough it was the same flight I was to be on to DFW that was cancelled. So I just stayed in line and waited to talk to the people at the desk. Turns out there was bad weather in Dallas and they were cancelling flights for the rest of the afternoon going in to DFW airport. That is where I was to meet another plan to Chattanooga. So What to do??? They offered me a flight the next afternoon that went through Chicago instead of Dallas, and I didn't want to miss a day and half with my family here, but took that flight. Just seconds after the arrangements were completed I could not wait to get here, all my apprehension was gone and I wanted to travel. But then I had to wait. Called hubby and daughter and they had not even gotten home yet so they turned around and came to get me. I guess I was aware of the bad weather and just didn't realize it, because I sure got excited about my trip as soon as I got the new flight plan.
  I am having a wonderful time, I have gotten to keep my grandson every day while his mommy either went to work or was off with his daddy meeting some of his co-workers in Atlanta. We spent 2 days and 1 night there, and I had a great time even though one day was just in the hotel with my grandson. The next day they took me to World of Coke, and if you get the chance to go there I recommend it. We had a good time and got to try different soda's that the Coca Cola Co. make all over the world. I gotta tell you there are a few from Europe, and Africa, and South America that I wish they made here. Honestly I don't drink much coke(soda), these days as I think it is hard on the system and sure has a lot of empty calories, but there are about 4 different ones from those places I could have once in a while if they were made here. Guess I will stick to my infrequent coke instead.
  Needless to say I have not had a chance to sew at all since I got here. I did get some of my pay it forward things made before I left home last week, and will try to get them in the mail when I get home. That will not be until the 29th so I won't be posting anything until May I am sure. You know how that goes, when you get home, you gotta do laundry and get back in the swing of life. Hubby will be joining me for a few days on Sun. then on Wed. he will fly on to PA and spend a few days with his dad, and sister and her family. Then we get home on the same day. I kind of goofed on that one, he gets in at @ 9 am, I don't get in until about 6 pm the same day. That means the girls will have to make 2 trips to the airport that day. I didn't mean to cause my family more work, it just didn't enter my mind that it was going to be on the same day and I needed to try and get the flights in at the same time or close to the same time. Silly me!!! Well, I have lots of pictures, but haven't gotten them on the computer yet so maybe tomorrow or next week. Until I have time to write again yall have a very quilty week and I will check back soon.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fun and Run

  Hi, I have been so busy the last couple of weeks and today I have a massive headache, so I am taking time out to sit down and write you instead of working. That is if I can think long enough to write. LOL I have taken something and had a cup of coffee to help it along,so maybe it will be better soon.
  Last week Hubby and I decided to go get some things for the granddaughter who has a new brother. She is 10 and just seems to need to know that baby is not taking away from her. Well, we found the cutest beach towel with matching flip flops. I told hubby a bag to take to the beach would be a nice addition to this. He got all excited and we went to the fabric shop to find fabric. Well the towel and shoes had zebra print in pink and white, we couldn't find pink and white fabric, but did find pink and black zebra print. So we got it and I made her a bag to put it all in. I am going to try and post that picture from my phone.
  Then Aislynn got a new car over the weekend, and she asked me to make her a hang over the gear shift trash bag for it. I made one for her sister back in the summer and she likes it. Well while I was roaming around in emails and pinterest the other day I found a cute bag I wanted to see if I could make. I am not as happy with it as I thought I might be, but it is kind of cute. Turned out that the bag is too long to be so narrow, I don't like such big bags and this one turned out to be a odd shape after all.
  Well, the run part of this post is a challenge I have made for myself and I am not sure it I have said anything about it to you or not. I want to get healthy and I want to lose some weight too. So I made the decision to challenge myself to a fun run, or better stated a Hell Run. This is a 5K run on a obstacle course. The first obstacle is a pipe you have to crawl through on your belly, then you run to the next one and it is a rope climb over a wall, then you have to go over another wall without a rope. The last one is another belly crawl under what looks like a wire fence only it is wide. The run is in April and has not happened for this year, but I want to do it in 2013. So I have started with jumping jacks, and push ups and some other exercises that I want to do at least 5 days a week. So far I am doing very well, and the next step will be to start walking more often, and I have been working on re-working my eating for a while now. Maybe it will be that I don't win, but I want to finish. The walls scare me more than anything else. Oh, yea one of the things is to climb a embankment of mud. I just hope it isn't too hot or too cold. I have several others who are saying they will do it with me. I can't wait, and I am scared stiff.
  Well, until next time, yall have a very quilty week.