Saturday, January 24, 2009

New little project

I have been working on a little project today that will be done in a day or two. I will post a photo when it is complete. I quilted the two sides of the bag that I am making today and did some sewing on the ribbon that will be an accent. I also created a couple of tabs to add to it. I have some great star buttons that I will put on it when I get finished with it. I used the cutest fabric that is floral and zebra strip. You will have to see it to understand.
Well so much for today. Later ladies.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No Progress

Well, I made no forward progress today, however I feel better and I got up and got dressed for the first time since I went to the Dr. on Fri. I even got in the car and went to the mailbox. I thought about walking there, but it was cold and I was afraid it would take too much out of me. Of course, I thought well if I'm in the car anyway I guess I can go get some coffee.
I didn't get any quilting done, but I did have a good time this evening with my girls. They did girls night at our house tonight and I watched them play games. They played Buzz Word and it was fun to watch them. Tomorrow I will get out the Three fabric challenge and work on that and the black and white quilt.

Monday, January 19, 2009

getting better

Well, I have spent the afternoon trying to figure out if I can make new sheets for the bed. I have lots of fabric and it is cut to 102" by 120" I have no idea what the measurements of my queen size bed are. I don't have any other sheets and I want to change the ones on this bed ASAP since I have been so sick. I was in the process of making table cloths for my daughters wedding reception when I realized it was costing me 30.$ a table and renting was only gonna cost 13$. So the fabric is here and cut I know I have equipment to do the job if the fabric is big enough. I am going to wash all the quilts and sheets and if we have to wait to go to bed we will. I can't let my DH get this flu if he hasn't gotten it yet.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Got the Flu

Well, I have the flu and I am beginning to feel better but still have such a headache. I won't bother you with my pain but wanted to let you know I am still around just sick. I hope to be back with the promised instructions in a few days. Happy Quilting!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Little Star Quilts 2009 New Beginings

Well, I have made the decision that I will make this a priority for this year. I have so many projects I am working on and many more I would love to do, so writing about them should be part of my daily activities. I bought a new book today and a calendar for the year. I love to have pictures of beautiful quilts on my walls all year. The book will most likely be the text book for a club I lead. I have been creating items for them to make every month and it has gotten so hard to do, so I believe I will give them a quilt to shoot for instead. If you happen to live in the Austin TX area let me know and I will give you more information on how to find my classes.
I have not forgotten that we have not put a binding on our quilt. I just haven't gotten around to writing the directions for you yet. I have the photos completed though so I will give that my attention in the next few days. I have to go visit a friend who has been in the hospital so it may not be tomorrow. She is home and expecting to be a new grandmother any day now. So I will go visit her and take the gift I made for the new mom and baby.
The quilt I am working on this week is one I designed on the software at work. This is a embroidery soft ware, but it is a quilting part of it. This is a black and white quilt, since the world seems to think black and white is not the way life is. The girl I am making it for is in school to be a missionary. She will be leaving for Africa in the Summer and I would like to have it completed for her before she leaves.
I also am still working on the quilts from the dead guys clothes. I have two tops completed and ready to quilt. I have the third one started and completely cut out. I have the plan for the last one and part of it is cut as well. I am able to cut parts of the last one as I do the third one. Then I will take the left over pieces and make as many baby quilts as I can. I have another one that is almost completed, I need to finish. I have it over three quarters quilted.
Well, I must go for tonight, hope you have a new quilt in your head to keep you busy over the next few days. Happy Quilting.