Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Tuesday

Well, it is the day after the Memorial Day holiday here in the States and I have been kind of having a hard time getting back to work. I had to run errands this morning and got home just as my hubby was coming in to go from his business to his job. I had to rush in and get him some lunch and dinner so he could rush out the door as he was running late. Then I made myself some lunch and headed off to the sewing room. Not a very productive time and then I had to take a nap. LOL like any of us ever really has to take a nap. I was freezing though and since it is over 80 degrees out side I am sure I couldn't have been cold. Any way I couldn't find my quilting mojo so I took my book with me to the bedroom and read for a while and then did some relaxation techniques and now I am here writing and then back to the quilting room with out without my mojo.
My youngest daughter and one of her friends came in on Fri. night for the weekend. They all had plans to meet several others on the river for a floating excursion Sat. and maybe even Sun. They got up and both of her sisters with her and her friend plus a car full of others went off to the river. As is turned out the river was not moving very fast and there was a mix up in directions and other stuff. One of the cars full left and came home without floating, the others all did finally meet up and float. Although the float was not a good one. It rained a good part of the day and that wasn't the plan. Needless to say we had wall to wall air mattress's in out living room that night. They put a fire in the fire pit in the back yard and sat around it and pretended they were camping,then came in and slept in the house. We had nine for breakfast Sun. morning. The rain was supposed to continue so one couple left after breakfast for home. The others all went to the movies and then dispersed to their homes as well. I remembered what fun it was when all the girls were home and still in school and we had a house full of kids all the time.
Well, the black and white quilt is still not done, I just can't seem to make myself finish it and I don't know why. I must get it done if it is to leave for Africa in a week or less. So with any luck I will get my mojo back and it will be done. Off I go now to try. Hope you who were celebrating the holiday had a nice one. It is the unofficial beginning of summer here so off we go!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Interesting browsing

Well, I always start my time in the blog by browsing thru the ones I follow. Today though I decided to go through mine and see what comments have been left that maybe I had missed. From there I went to look at those blogs as I don't know some of you who comment on my blog posts. I was delighted to find pictures from Germany on Aunt Spicy's blog and cute craft and quilts on others. As I have said in the past my oldest daughter lived in Germany while her hubby was stationed there in the US Army. So I had the opportunity to visit them while they were there. I am in love with the country as a whole and the people are so friendly. I will be happy to go back for a visit some day even though my daughter is not there any longer.
Well, I am in hopes of completing that black and white quilt today. I should have finished it last week but I got side tracked with some other stuff and never even saw the sewing room for two days. So I am off to work and thinking about how to teach my granddaughter how to sew through my blog. If you have any suggestions please comment or email me.Tennye

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Quilt Show

Well , I am going to add some other photos today that are from a BOM that I started and never finished. I have found so many of them in the last few weeks that I am getting kind of excited about getting them made. I have committed to completing projects that are already started. I chose to work on the ones that are closest to completion first. I have the ones that are tops and ready to quilt and then we have the ones that are a few blocks from completion. Then I also am still trying to come up with ideas for things I can sell and create an income to replace my income from the job I am no longer working at. So I have a couple of bags that so many of my girls friends have fallen in love with and want me to make for sale. So enjoy the pictures and I am going to a town close by to see the quilt show they have today.
Sorry that some of them are sideways, I am still trying to figure out how to make that not happen.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Such Is Life

Oh, my what things that take me away from what I need to do. I have had some rough stuff the last two weeks. MY sweet husband had a Heat Stroke last week and ended up needing me to pick him up from work and take him to the Dr. Needless to say that took most of my day and I got nothing done. I am happy to say he is actually doing what the Dr. told him to do which is out of character for him. I had to fight being angry with him because this is about the third time he has had one of these in less than three years. I guess he is just a man as a friend of mine has told me, and I should forgive him. So I have.
Then before the week was over my daughter had a bout of high blood pressure and then a sudden drop. She went to the Dr. about it and he became very concerned that she might have a tumor on her adrenal gland. You see she is only 26 and it is not only unusual for someone her age to have high blood pressure it is also unusual for that same person to be on medication to control the high blood pressure and it not work. She has all the symptoms of the the tumor. She had to collect urine for 24 hours and then turn it in for a test. All seemed to be okay and then Monday she was sent home from work with high blood pressure, which after she got home took a very sudden and hard fall. So we spent the remainder of the day off the have a sonogram and chest x-ray as well as a visit to the Dr.s office. We still are waiting for the results of the tests to find out what is wrong.
With all of this in my mind and on my heart I find working hard to do and sleeping also eluded me for several days. I have still spent the time I needed to working but for what ever reason I have not accomplished what I should have in that same amount of time. Hey, I got new birthday blocks though so I am going to post them today. Have a good day of quilting even if the times are tough.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Coffee Sleves

Well, I have told you all I am still attempting to make an income so I am showing you some of the coffee sleeves that I have been making and giving away. I also am selling them so I am showing them for that purpose as well. I have also applied to a lovely Coffee company to add their banner to my site. I hope that any of you who might be as avid a coffee drinker as I am will check them out as soon as I am allowed to put their banner up. I think you will like my quilted sleeves too.