Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Do you Guild?

  Well, first let me say I would have been back sooner but had to take my daddy to the hospital on Mon. and have spent many hours there with mother this week. Not sure if I should say he is better or not, he has lost over a gallon of liquid and that is good. Then he started throwing up, and they can't figure out why, that is bad. He feels much better though as he has been able to sleep there and at home he was not sleeping much.
  Now on to the thought for this posting. Do you guild? I have been invited to join the Austin guild as well as the one in Round Rock, however I don't join things. I really don't have anything against them, and sometimes I think I would love to be a part of a group like that. I was reading my new copy of Quilters Newsletter today and they have the column that is essays from readers of 300 words or less. This month is was do you love your Quilt guild?   As happens most months one is like an advertisement for the guild experience and the other three are more personal. The woman that I think of as my mentor was a member of the Austin guild and always encouraged me to join. Back then I had three small children and very little money so I never did even visit. I wonder how much better I would be as a quilter had I joined back then. Or would I have learned at the same rate that I have?? These are thought provoking ideas, but in the long run I can't change the fact that I didn't join back then. So do I now find a guild and join it? If I do will it make me a better quilter or just a more connected quilter?? I do have a lovely group of ladies I met in a on line group, I don't think you could really call it a guild, but a group. When the website went through too many changes and was shut down for a couple of weeks we sort of drifted off. Now most of us are on face book and one of the ladies took the initiative to create a page for us and she invites us as she sees fit or as she finds us on face book. We are connected again and it is nice to be able to visit, but it isn't the same as it was before.
  I did help start a small quilting group at our church years ago, and we met once a month more like a guild than a bee, however we acted more like a bee. We met and quilted together, no formal meetings. I did offer several challenges and a mystery quilt as well. I tried to keep us together and when I had to go to work they dissolved. I did not think I was the glue that held the group together, but for some reason they did. Now that I am not working any more I miss them more than I did when I was busy with work. I find though that it is hard to go back, and I am not sure how to start again. I don't have the connections with ladies, or quilters other than on line.
So, please share, Do you Guild? Until next time yall have a very quilty week.