Friday, December 30, 2011

Finaly Getting Started

  Well, the grand daughter got a cute little Brothers sewing machine for Christmas and she and I went out to the fabric store and bought her some sewing supplies. We also picked some fabrics to make a pillowcase for her bed. I plan to use the hot dog method so it will be neat at the fabric change and a french seam for the other seams.
  Her bedroom is pink and green and those are the colors she picked for this project. I picked out some scissors and pins plus found a cute purple tomato pin cushion. Once she learns how to use the machine she will be able to make some pillow cases and maybe more. So tonight while  her parents are out having baby pictures made, she is watching a movie, and I am playing with the machine. I want to be sure of what I am doing when we get started. She tends to not listen when you try and tell her stuff. LOL I am pretty excited that when I got things all opened up and set up I found a DVD with instructions on how to wind a bobbin, thread the machine and make a button home. There are even some video instructions for putting in a zipper foot and making a satin stitch. Very nice for them to have after I am gone.
  I am looking forward to my husband getting here tomorrow night. He will be here for a few days, then we will go home on Tue. or Wed. I am not sure what day we leave. I have a feeling I will cry most of the way home. Leaving my sweet daughter and my beautiful new grandson here so far a way will be hard.
I find that every time I have logged on to write this week I have had to go help with the baby or something, so, if I don't get the chance again, please have a very Happy New Year and stay safe.
Have a very quilty 2012,

Friday, December 23, 2011

Take the Pledge - Registration for the 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge

Do you want to learn or improve your free-motion quilting skills, using your home sewing machine? If you do, consider taking the pledge for the 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge. Similar to a block of the month, every month one of 12 FMQ Experts will share a tutorial for you. While you can do these exercises anytime, if you complete them in the month that they are released, and share them in the challenge, you'll be entered to win a monthly prize. Complete all 12 tutorials, anytime during the year, enter them, and you'll be eligible to win various Grand Prizes.

  The previous paragraph is from Insights from SewCalGal blog. I want to be a better quilter as those of you who have been following my blog for any length of time will know, so when I found this on pinterest I decided it was a good thing to do. Who can't benefit from learning something new or improving on something they have learned and done for a long time. I hope that if any of you would like to join me in this, you will let the button I have added on my sight take you to her post and, consider putting the button on your blog too. Talk about a run on sentence ... Got to get better with that too. LOL
  I am still in Tennessee with my daughter and her family and this has been a rewarding experience to say the least. Who knew your heart could expand to make room for this much love. Well, mine has, for this sweet little boy I get to call my grandson. We take a picture every day and send it back to Texas for the family there so they can see our precious baby grow. I use my cell phone as often as the real camera, so I can text them home. I have not up loaded from the camera in a few days so I don't really have a new on to show you today. I know I will slow down on showing my grandsons pictures, but right now he is so new I just can't help myself. When I am back home I will have quilt stuff to show again. So until I have a chance to write again, Yall have a very quilty Christmas.

Friday, December 16, 2011

He is Here

  Well, it has been a long , short week. Our little man got here at 12:27 AM Tue Dec. 13, 2011. We are so proud of him and he is so adorable. He had  some trouble with his breathing and they put him in the hospital for observation and to give him some liquids and antibiotics. We had to visit him only one or two at a time, and my daughter had to take her sister in. I was not able to take her with me. Today they did another x-ray and ran some tests again. He is better now and they released him. We got home about 3:30 this afternoon, and now we are all learning to have a baby. Because of his being sick they put off his circumcision until today and he is not happy when he gets his diaper changed. We are all learning when he needs to eat and how much. Sadly he has gotten used to the bottle and falls asleep when he nurses, and then wants more in a short time.
  I will be here for a while and I will add pictures as I go. I obviously won't be doing much quilting here. So until I am back yall have a very quilty weekend.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kind of Excited

   I have been so worried that I would not have any money while I was in TN. with my daughter, and yea!!! my husband helped. Mon. he came home and asked me for one of my left over items from the craft show stuff, for a friend he works with, birthday. So I got the stuff out and we went through it and he looked,(shopping lol) to see what was there. He got kind of excited when he saw some of the stuff I made, and asked me if he could take some to work the next day. I was happy to let him take the stuff since it didn't sell and I don't have a show coming up for a long time. He sold all but one of the things he took, and now I have some money to use while I am traveling.
  My week has been so busy and I have worked so hard to get the quilts finished, before I leave. Sadly I did not get that done. Needless to say I will get on that as soon as I get back home, and get them to her before the end of Jan. Then I get to make my grandson a quilt too. I have all the fabric, for it I just haven't had time, with the parents, therapy, and working to get these other quilts finished.
  I just went to the weather channel site and checked out what the weather is like at my daughters. We have had some pretty cold weather this week, but looks like that is what I will be living in up there. I am just praying it won't be snowing or bad weather for my daughter and I driving from Atlanta, to TN.
Well, until next week, yall have a very quilty weekend,

Monday, December 5, 2011

Less Than 5 Days

     Well, I leave in less than five days for my extended stay in Tennessee, with my youngest daughter. I believe she is to be induced on the 12th of Dec., and if she is like I am, she will have a son in about two hours or less after they give her the medications. She may not be, but we are built a lot alike, so I hope for her sake that it will go fast. I have heard those horror stories about 30 hours of labor and more. I can't even conceive of that, since I had almost all of my children in less than 5 hours.   The older two were the longest, and I did not have any inducing drugs with either one of them. I don't remember much about the oldest, but with the second one I realized I was in labor at some time after 11PM and she was born at 2AM. The last two I had to be induced, and they were here within 2 hours of the medication being given to me.
  Well, I spent yesterday working on the things I want and need to make for gifts, before I leave. I don't like to work on Sun. , but these things are gifts so I made the exception this time. I made to cutest burp cloths, and I made a cradle mattress for the gift my husband made for our friend. I also made sheets for hers and for our daughters too. I upholstered the mattress and got the fabric ready for my daughters. My husband I decided it was not feasible for me to take one with me so I will complete it after I get there. I just wish I had gotten the quilt finished, but lets be honest I didn't even get it started. It will be the first thing I do when I get back home and then I will get it in the mail to her. I am worried I may go crazy without a sewing machine for such a long time. I guess I will be pretty busy with the baby , the house and cooking for the family. I hope I get back to you before I leave, but if not I will write some time next week when I have a min. Until them please have a very quilty week.

PS Well, I had pictures to show you, however I have lost them, and I can't seem to get them back. I loaded them on the computer and now they are gone, I have looked everywhere and ??????????? I will take pictures again and maybe not lose them. LOL

Friday, December 2, 2011

Bucket List of Quilting

  I was just reading another blog and she posted her quilting bucket list. She asked others to post theirs, and I got to thinking about it. I do have one, I just don't know if I have it in a numerical order. I surely don't have it written down, so rather than leave it on her blog I will place it here. If I post a bucket list I will be able to find it later when I have time that is not being used up with trying to make income. I have faith that time will come, I just have to be patient and consistent.
1.Dresden Plate ( I have one started, and thought I had a picture, but I can't find it)
2. Double Wedding Ring ( yes I am a traditional block gal, mostly)
3 Write the class I started on quilt as you go.
4. Design a block of the month quilt.
5. Design a mystery quilt
6. Christmas Quilt ( it is cut out, has been for 6 or 7 years)
7. Quilt for each of my kids and their spouses. ( 4 out of 8 made)
8. Finish a quilt for my own bed ( hubby wants a double wedding ring)
9. Quilt for each of my grand children ( 2 out of 4 made)
   Let me note the photo is from a google search and I do not know who the maker is, her/his  name was not listed.
  This list could go on for a page or more, but I will stop with these, and revisit it some time in the future.
Until I see you next have a very quilty week.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Photos I Have Promised

 Well, here are some of the photos, I have been promising to show you. There are the Las Vegas pic.s of the sharks in the tank, in the pool at the Golden Nugget, The Venetian, and some of the the lovely things in the lobby, I guess it is the lobby. Some of the things I made for my little craft show the day I returned. I hope you enjoy them. 
 See the swimming pool in the back ground, as well as the fore ground?
 The tube is a slide you can go down that empties into the pool.
The Gondolas at the Venetian, the  drivers sing opera while they go through the building, which is a shopping mall.  The sound is amazing for all.
 This is just one of the lovely fall decorations at the bottom of the a water fall in the same building as the Gondolas.
The sky light over the water fall in the previous photo.
 Switch to the craft show. The Boots were a big hit, and I sold several of them, there are some other ornaments left from last year. The purse the size of a gift card, and the chanielle shoe, and trees.I spelled it wrong I can't remember how it is spelled. Sorry!! Spell check is not helping.
 Just a little closer picture of two of the boots.
 You have seen these before in different fabrics, but I have to tell you the Next one is a Long horn and I sold every one of them. I might have sold more if I had made more. I have a few Aggie ones left over, however they did sell . The Texas rivalry football teams, that play on Thanksgiving Day. Well, they have for over 100 years. Maybe not after this year, since the Aggies have left the conference.
 Hook'em Horns!!
 I just thought you might like to see the back side as well.
This is my boxy bag, and I only made one of each team and they both sold. This one had actually sold already when I took this picture. As you can see there were other vendors across the way. 
So, until I am further along with the quilts I am working on I will wish you all a very quilty week.