Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nose To The Grind Stone

  I seem to be apologizing more often than not for being out of touch lately. I am working hard to get some new things made for the little craft show I am doing the day after I get home from my little anniversary vacation. We leave on Sunday and get home on Thurs. evening and the show starts at 7 am on Fri. So it has to be, not only ready, but also packed up and in the car before I go to bed Thurs. evening after I get home from Las Vegas. We are not big gamblers, but had such a good time two years ago, that we just had to go again.
  Well, I have my nose to the grind stone, but I have no choice but to come up for air very often. In some ways that is good, so that I don't get stiff and sore. Then there is the problem that I have to leave the house and that always makes it harder to get back into the sewing room. Last Fri. mother and I went out to get my new glasses ordered, and do some shopping. Turns out she broke three or more ribs on that little outing. Well, Sun. evening she called to say she was in terrible pain and finding it very hard to breath (scary), did I think she should wait or call for an ambulance. I said " well, better safe than sorry go ahead and call them and I will be there as soon as I can." I followed the fire truck to her house, and the ambulance got there before we had been there a min. or two. They agreed with me that we needed to go to the ER and have some x-rays made to be sure the lung was not collapsing. As those of you who have been there know even if you go in on a slow night in an ambulance that is a good three our trip. Fortunately no collapsed lung, and they were pretty sure she just let her pain medication go too long before taking it again. I went grocery shopping for them on Mon. Then Tue. she called and asked when I was going for my physical therapy which the Dr. from my  Fri. visit had prescribed. I was there on Tue. and had set it up to be there again on, Thurs. She said the ER called and told her she needed to make an appointment to see her Dr. for a follow up on the Er visit, this week. She had called and they told her they could see her Wed. So here it is Thurs. I have not been home a complete day this week, and had the craft show meeting Tue. night and last night daughter number two and I went to a 75th birthday concert for singer song writer Guy Clark. It was amazing, good music, and a nice venue. Today therapy in the morning and I had to get on the computer and take care of email. I have not gotten on in three or more days, and I had 158 emails in one account 68 in another and the other two were pretty full as well. Why do I have so many emails???
   Needless to say I feel like I am being pulled in fourteen different directions and not getting any thing done. I hope to post pictures and write at least one more time before I leave town. If that does not happen please have a very quilty week and I will post pictures when I get home of the stuff I made, as well as do a separate post with pictures from our trip.
So keep quilty until I am back to see you.


Linda said...

I do hope your mother is much better by now.
Have a wonderful time at the craft show and sell a lot of "stuff"! Maybe you can come home and just put your feet up really soon!

BJ in TX said...

Back to Las Vegas, eh? Lucky you! I think I met you on the flight home - didn't realize it was that long ago tho! Have fun! Oh, what craft show are you going to be at when you get back???