Friday, January 29, 2010

New Ideas

Well, I got a email from Etsy today and it had some blog information suggestions. Any way I was looking at it and I have some great ideas for some up coming posts. I think it will make all of you enjoy reading more. I am also going to be offering some free patterns in the near future for your enjoyment and to ask you to offer your thoughts on whether or not they are easy to follow and if you like how they turn out after you make them . As I have said before I really want to write a book and I can't think of any one I would rather have as testers than my friends here on my blog, so watch for the new up and coming things.
Have a quilty week.

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Marilynd said...

Tennye, sounds like you are starting to turn things around and have a purpose and a plan. Will be looking out for the patterns - would feel it a privilege to be able to try them out.
One step at a time works well for me when I feel overwhelmed and sounds like you are finding that too.
All best wishes, and take care. Marilyn