Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Day

Wow, I have had a terrible time the last week and now I am feeling so much better. I will be starting early in the morning working on the class I would like to have completed in the next two weeks. I wanted to finish it last year, but found that is was not a good time for me to work on anything that included writing. I just could not seem to concentrate on writing. I will be adding this class to the Quilting Weekly website when it is finished. So I will be adding photos here, but not much else. The class will be on quilt as you go. It is going to be a wall hanging so that it won't take so long to make. I hope you will like the finished result when it is ready.
Well, I took my cats to the Vet this week and it seemed like it took all week. They had to stay over night and I only have one cage so they had to go in different days. Wed. I took the little one Hydie,to get spade and de-clawed. I went back on Thurs. to take Cali to be de-clawed. I had to go back later in the day to pick Hydie up. Then went back on Fri. about noon to pick up Cali. Cali is great and not mad at me for taking her. Hydie on the other hand is not only mad at me she is terrified she will have to go back if she comes out of hiding. Well with her hiding out like she is I am having a hard time knowing how she is feeling. That concerns me because she could have a problem and I would not know it because I can't see her. Her food bowl is being eaten out of, but it could be Cali eating from both of the bowls. So I guess I will see if I can convince her to come out and let me hold her so I know she is okay. She should be moving around more than she is.
Well, until next time I do hope you will have a very quilty week.

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Micki said...

Hope your cat is ok....I can see that you are worried.