Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years!!!

What a great time of year. We can all decide to change something in our lives or we can just ignore the new year and go on with life as it is. I am one of those who likes to make a change so I am working on getting organized. I am also taking the time to make a list of my UFO's and PIP's ( unfinished objects., and projects in process) I have been encouraged to do that by so many others who are doing it. I am in a couple of yahoo groups and several of those ladies are doing a history of the quilts they have made and listing their UFO's. I don't keep very good records so making a list of the quilts I have made might be a pretty tough task. I have done a fairly good job of making photos of the quilts or tops as I make them, but there are so many I gave away and didn't make a record of at all.
I have photos to show today of the last two quilts I made.I finished the last one the day after Christmas and she came and got it as I completed it. The large one is 90x90 and I made it with the quilt as you go method do there are some pictures of the process. then I have the finished items.These are the last two quilts from the mans clothes. His family is very happy about them.

Have a wonderful 2010 and look forward to the quilts you will make and the time you will spend with family and friends.

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