Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Better Day

Well, I have been working hard today. My husband has really been after me to get my sewing room organized and I started back at the first of the year. Like that was such a long time ago. LOL Truly I have told you I have been really dealing with some hard depression the last few weeks and I was starting to think I might have to get help, but then yesterday things started to change. I began to feel a little better, and I got some exercise and the sun was shining and I spent some time outside.
So today I got up and I felt so good that I started working in the sewing room. I believe I have it almost under control. I still have some issues I am not sure what to do with, but I can deal with them one at a time. Mostly I just feel better and that I can get in there and work without having to clean first. I even cut the back ground fabric for the block I am working on. I am challenging myself with some blocks, and they are paper piecing and applique. I have all the pieces cut for the applique and the squares made for the paper piecing. I have the fabric all picked and I am ready to go. Once those are completed I will move on to the UFO's, and get them off and going. I have plans for the cutest Christmas Tree ornaments, and they are next on the list. See I am feeling so much better.
Have a very quilting week.

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Micki said...

You were a busy gal and got a lot done. Glad that you had a great day in your sewing room!