Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh How I Wish

Oh how I wish I had time to ask for your help. I am working on a quilt that is past due and I have it almost ready to quilt which because it is a small quilt won't take too long, but still I must get it done by tomorrow and in the mail. I did a challenging project for this small quilt as well as finish a UFO from maybe as much as 10 years ago, I am not sure. Any way the thing I wish you could help me with is the borders. I plan to use the fabrics in the quilt for two of the borders, but wanted to use one next to the body of the quilt to break up the colors. What color to use though??? I have thought of using the lovely blue in some of the flowers, but then there is the much darker color of pink that would be nice too, or the lovely rich goldish yellow. I will make that decision after lunch today and then finish the quilt and do the quilting, so I won't have time for your suggestions. I do wish that I had that time though. Here are the photos of the small quilt I am working on.
Have a quilty week and I will be back on soon with a new feature of my blog.


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