Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Try, try ,try

I have been trying to get on and write for the last three days and for what ever reason I would get on and never end up posting. I got a good start on the week and now I seem to have fissiled out. My sewing room is some what of a mess after my re-organizing it last week.  I know what I want to do, but when I walk in there and see the mess it seems to just over whelm me and I either turn around a leave, or sit down and get frustrated. Needless to say I have not accomplished what I had thought I would have by now. I do have a pretty good list of the started and not completed quilts and projects for the year.
I was looking around on the web today and I found an article from a lady in Africa who teaches quilting on line. She was giving advice to those who might like to take it up. It was a good article and I enjoyed reading it.
I am still pretty excited about the new year and the things ahead. I have decided to make a huge effort to make this year the one in which I find myself successful in my own eyes. It would be nice if others found me to be a success, but I think in this case it will be even more important for me to see it.
Last night when I logged on the write I saw a post from a lovely quilter who also lives in Texas. She had posted about going to Galveston and the changes she is seeing post Hurricane Ike. She posted a photo of herself standing in front of Murdocks ( a gift shop on the sea wall). We have pictures of my girls there the week before the hurricane and pictures found on the internet of the post hurricane destruction . I look forward to the photos that we will have of my girls in the newly restored shop this spring. Needless to say I got distracted with that and it just went from there. I do enjoy reading other blogs and seeing what the other quilters of the world are doing.

So until next time happy quilting.

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