Monday, December 28, 2009

After Christmas

Well, I am glad that I can now take the time to write and do some things I have had to let go for the last month and a half. I completed the quilts for the lady who lost her husband ,and I made them from his clothing. the Sat. after Christmas. That means I didn't get to spend much time with my children who came home for the holiday. I am sad about that but must say I enjoyed having them here anyway. My son and his girlfriend announced that they have signed papers on a new house. It will be complete some time in April if they don't get cold feet and back out before then. It will be their first home and it is  a big deal. I will be happy for them when it gets to the move in date. Being a Mom though I did take the opportunity to buy them some cute Christmas towels at 70% off yesterday. My girls like to say I will fill their house with garbage if they let me. I do love to buy them things I think they will like.
I have big plans for the new year, but I would like to finish the  year with some smaller projects completed so I will be finishing the birthday blocks tomorrow and trying to get them in the mail before the end of the year. I feel so bad that it came down to missing the last four because my commission was taking me so long. I am a little glad the quilt for my son's girlfriend didn't get done since they are moving and may need a change of plans for what I had started. I bought the fabrics well over a year ago and she had just gotten a new bed cover set all in rose colors and very floral. So I went off that and purchased the 20 fat quarters to make a "Turning Twenty" quilt for her. Now she is talking purple for the master bedroom. I may just make the one I have the fabrics for and give it to one of the other girls.
We also have three or four girls we have know for a long time and care a great deal for that are having baby's this year. So I will be kept busy making baby stuff for them. I love that though it is so gratifying to see how happy they are when they get the quilt you made just for their new baby.
Back to my plans for the New Year. I have so many UFO's and WIP's I need to pull them all out and make a list of them and then I will start with the ones I can finish quickest. I have three Christmas quilts I want to make that I have started.Two are just needing to be made into tops as they are all pieced. One is still just cut and ready to piece. Then I have five or six BOM's that I have started and just never made the time to complete them. I thought about doing them one month at a time, but I think it would be better to concentrate on getting them done and not doing that. I have some quilts I started for graduation gifts from high school and they are now either graduated from college or married and having their first baby. One is even on her second marriage now and has completed college as well. I kind of think I want to get that one done first of those. LOL I wonder why.
I have photos of the quilts I completed from the mans cloths and will post them as soon as I get them on the computer. I am going to go for today and hope you all have a wonderful quilty day. I look forward to the new year and hope you do to.

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Micki said...

You have some lovely plans for the New Year. Enjoy them all and Have a Happy New Year!