Thursday, December 1, 2011

Photos I Have Promised

 Well, here are some of the photos, I have been promising to show you. There are the Las Vegas pic.s of the sharks in the tank, in the pool at the Golden Nugget, The Venetian, and some of the the lovely things in the lobby, I guess it is the lobby. Some of the things I made for my little craft show the day I returned. I hope you enjoy them. 
 See the swimming pool in the back ground, as well as the fore ground?
 The tube is a slide you can go down that empties into the pool.
The Gondolas at the Venetian, the  drivers sing opera while they go through the building, which is a shopping mall.  The sound is amazing for all.
 This is just one of the lovely fall decorations at the bottom of the a water fall in the same building as the Gondolas.
The sky light over the water fall in the previous photo.
 Switch to the craft show. The Boots were a big hit, and I sold several of them, there are some other ornaments left from last year. The purse the size of a gift card, and the chanielle shoe, and trees.I spelled it wrong I can't remember how it is spelled. Sorry!! Spell check is not helping.
 Just a little closer picture of two of the boots.
 You have seen these before in different fabrics, but I have to tell you the Next one is a Long horn and I sold every one of them. I might have sold more if I had made more. I have a few Aggie ones left over, however they did sell . The Texas rivalry football teams, that play on Thanksgiving Day. Well, they have for over 100 years. Maybe not after this year, since the Aggies have left the conference.
 Hook'em Horns!!
 I just thought you might like to see the back side as well.
This is my boxy bag, and I only made one of each team and they both sold. This one had actually sold already when I took this picture. As you can see there were other vendors across the way. 
So, until I am further along with the quilts I am working on I will wish you all a very quilty week. 

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