Monday, November 28, 2011

Got Leftovers?

  Well, as I write this the leftovers from Thanksgiving are in the oven heating for our lunch. We have avoided them most of the weekend and today is the day. Tomorrow we will have stew made from the pot roast we made for Sunday lunch tomorrow. When I think of left overs I think of the quilts that I seem to be making the most these days. Quilts made from the clothing left behind when a loved one has passed from this life. A form of left overs in the closet. The idea is sweet, to think they will have a quilt that will wrap them in the clothing they have such fond memories of. The feeling like they are wrapped in that parent or grandparents arms.
  The last two weeks I have been doing mostly prep work with the t-shirts that I am using for these two quilts. I have other clothing and robes that will be a part of the quilts. I truly hope that I will be finished with them by the end of the week as I have two baby quilts and a diaper bag to get made before I leave for my daughters. The cradle my husband made for our friend needs a mattress and sheets and so does my daughter for the one she slept in when she was a baby. I have the fabric and could possibly do some of the work while I was there, except my daughter has not got a sewing machine. I am not fast enough with hand sewing and quilting to get enough done before she needs what I am making for her.
  We had a lovely trip to Las Vegas, and a wonderful Thanksgiving with family. Thanksgiving is one of my girls favorite holidays, since that is the time when most of the family comes together. I know for many families it is still Christmas, but for us it is Thanksgiving. Then they all seperate and go to the spouses homes for Christmas. I won't even be here this year and that is going to be hard for me. I have only missed one Christmas with my family in my life. That was the first Christmas my husband and I spent together. We drove to his parents in PA, and spent the holiday with his family. Neither one of us is fond of snow, and his family does not like me, so we have not done it again. We spent New Years and Easter with them off and on over the years, but not Christmas.
  Well I have lots of pictures to share, I just have not had the time to get them on the computer so later this week while I am taking a break I will get that done and share with you. Until then please have the quilty week you deserve.

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