Friday, December 23, 2011

Take the Pledge - Registration for the 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge

Do you want to learn or improve your free-motion quilting skills, using your home sewing machine? If you do, consider taking the pledge for the 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge. Similar to a block of the month, every month one of 12 FMQ Experts will share a tutorial for you. While you can do these exercises anytime, if you complete them in the month that they are released, and share them in the challenge, you'll be entered to win a monthly prize. Complete all 12 tutorials, anytime during the year, enter them, and you'll be eligible to win various Grand Prizes.

  The previous paragraph is from Insights from SewCalGal blog. I want to be a better quilter as those of you who have been following my blog for any length of time will know, so when I found this on pinterest I decided it was a good thing to do. Who can't benefit from learning something new or improving on something they have learned and done for a long time. I hope that if any of you would like to join me in this, you will let the button I have added on my sight take you to her post and, consider putting the button on your blog too. Talk about a run on sentence ... Got to get better with that too. LOL
  I am still in Tennessee with my daughter and her family and this has been a rewarding experience to say the least. Who knew your heart could expand to make room for this much love. Well, mine has, for this sweet little boy I get to call my grandson. We take a picture every day and send it back to Texas for the family there so they can see our precious baby grow. I use my cell phone as often as the real camera, so I can text them home. I have not up loaded from the camera in a few days so I don't really have a new on to show you today. I know I will slow down on showing my grandsons pictures, but right now he is so new I just can't help myself. When I am back home I will have quilt stuff to show again. So until I have a chance to write again, Yall have a very quilty Christmas.

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