Monday, December 5, 2011

Less Than 5 Days

     Well, I leave in less than five days for my extended stay in Tennessee, with my youngest daughter. I believe she is to be induced on the 12th of Dec., and if she is like I am, she will have a son in about two hours or less after they give her the medications. She may not be, but we are built a lot alike, so I hope for her sake that it will go fast. I have heard those horror stories about 30 hours of labor and more. I can't even conceive of that, since I had almost all of my children in less than 5 hours.   The older two were the longest, and I did not have any inducing drugs with either one of them. I don't remember much about the oldest, but with the second one I realized I was in labor at some time after 11PM and she was born at 2AM. The last two I had to be induced, and they were here within 2 hours of the medication being given to me.
  Well, I spent yesterday working on the things I want and need to make for gifts, before I leave. I don't like to work on Sun. , but these things are gifts so I made the exception this time. I made to cutest burp cloths, and I made a cradle mattress for the gift my husband made for our friend. I also made sheets for hers and for our daughters too. I upholstered the mattress and got the fabric ready for my daughters. My husband I decided it was not feasible for me to take one with me so I will complete it after I get there. I just wish I had gotten the quilt finished, but lets be honest I didn't even get it started. It will be the first thing I do when I get back home and then I will get it in the mail to her. I am worried I may go crazy without a sewing machine for such a long time. I guess I will be pretty busy with the baby , the house and cooking for the family. I hope I get back to you before I leave, but if not I will write some time next week when I have a min. Until them please have a very quilty week.

PS Well, I had pictures to show you, however I have lost them, and I can't seem to get them back. I loaded them on the computer and now they are gone, I have looked everywhere and ??????????? I will take pictures again and maybe not lose them. LOL

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