Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kind of Excited

   I have been so worried that I would not have any money while I was in TN. with my daughter, and yea!!! my husband helped. Mon. he came home and asked me for one of my left over items from the craft show stuff, for a friend he works with, birthday. So I got the stuff out and we went through it and he looked,(shopping lol) to see what was there. He got kind of excited when he saw some of the stuff I made, and asked me if he could take some to work the next day. I was happy to let him take the stuff since it didn't sell and I don't have a show coming up for a long time. He sold all but one of the things he took, and now I have some money to use while I am traveling.
  My week has been so busy and I have worked so hard to get the quilts finished, before I leave. Sadly I did not get that done. Needless to say I will get on that as soon as I get back home, and get them to her before the end of Jan. Then I get to make my grandson a quilt too. I have all the fabric, for it I just haven't had time, with the parents, therapy, and working to get these other quilts finished.
  I just went to the weather channel site and checked out what the weather is like at my daughters. We have had some pretty cold weather this week, but looks like that is what I will be living in up there. I am just praying it won't be snowing or bad weather for my daughter and I driving from Atlanta, to TN.
Well, until next week, yall have a very quilty weekend,

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Kathleen said...

Enjoy your visit and post pics of the little one when you can.